Mike, Lu & Og

Season 2 Episode 3

Thanks, But No Thanks / Hot Dog

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 31, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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Thanks, But No Thanks / Hot Dog
Thanks, But No Thanks: Mike invites the starving Pirates for an island celebration with plenty of food similar to Thanksgiving. They're disguised so as not to arouse suspicion among the islanders, but quickly wear out their welcome before they go after Lancelot again.

Hot Dog: Tired of eating nothing but coconut-flavored food, Mike has Og make hot dogs. They catch on quickly with the islanders, much to his chagrin as they make a mess in the process. He resorts to building a hot dog restaurant to keep things organized, but ejects the others away to keep things neat as they become addicted to the dogs. They form a mob to wreck the diner, but learn that the hot dogs were made from one particular ingredient--coconuts!moreless

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      • Margery: What on Earth is Thanksgiving?
        Mike: Only the best holiday there is, 'cause it's all about giving. At first, the Indians gave and the Pilgrims took. But pretty soon, everybody mostly gave--big dinner parties for all the aunts and uncles and really annoying cousins...
        Margery: That's nice, dear.
        Mike: And it's about stuffing, too. Stuffing yourself with food you never eat at any other time of the year. Turkey, cranberries, pumpkin pie with whipped cream and egg nog. Calories, cholesterol, and clogged arteries. Yeah! (chuckles) Thanksgiving--and heart disease--it's the American way!

      • (After the Pirates are stuffed and return to their island without Lancelot)
        Mike: Sorry, Lancelot. I guess you can put a pirate in a pinafore, but you can't call him Christy.

      • Margery: Is something the matter, dear?
        Mike: No, just a little burnt out on coconut.
        The Others: What?!?
        Margery: Well, you didn't seem to mind coconut for breakfast.
        Og: Or lunch.
        Margery: Would you like some coconut salad?
        Mike: Uh, no thanks. I...
        Alfred: Coconut bread?
        Og: Coconut casserole?
        Lu: Coconut fritters?
        Alfred: Coconut under glass?
        Margery: Shaved coconut under coconut slices?
        Mike: No, no, no! Look, I'm sick of coconut. I hate coconut. I never want to see another coconut again!
        Alfred: Pickled coconut wedges?

    • NOTES (3)

      • The island holiday celebrated in the first short is called All Foodstuff's Eve, the annual fall harvest celebration which is similar to Thanksgiving, only there's no crab racing.

      • In Thanks, But No Thanks, Mike disguises the pirates as girls, making them pretend they're her friends from New York and give them the names of Jennifer, Jocelyn and Christy.

      • End Credits Song: (Sung by Mike)

        When you look at a thing crystal clear
        And the cost looks pretty dear
        Be a frightened musketeer
        When you think you got the deed free and clear
        But things just look too good don't volunteer
        Watch out for strings, don't want no strings
        If it's got strings, well, thanks, but no-no thanks
        Watch out for strings, don't want no strings
        If it's got strings, well, thanks, but no thanks.

        No way!

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