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  • The most pointless thing to be shown on Disney Channel

    I remember seeing this "show" years ago on Disney, and it was just flat out horrible. This "show" (I won't even acknowledge it as a show) is about two kids named Mike, and Sally talking about upcoming Disney movies with all of their special features on the DVD, and do really stupid stuff as well. Why this show was ever created in the first place is a paradox equation. There is no point to this "show" at all, and is just a commercial for movies coming out. Disney does do multiple commercials on these movies coming out on several networks. There is also the internet. If you are really interested in seeing when a Disney movie is coming to DVD look it up on Google not watch this. Also Mike and Sally are some of the worst kid actors to ever be shown on TV. They act too over the top, and very hyper. The so called funny stuff and adventures is also pointless, and very boring as well. They even brought special guests to this show to make their show popular, but failed to do so. This isn't a show it's just 2 kids being really stupid, and trying to make a show, but fail epically at it. I am glad this show is off the air, and will never return to haunt TV ever again. If you never saw it then you are very lucky, and I feel sorry for those who did see it, and suffered its awfulness. If you want to see stuff about new movies go online instead.
  • superb

    this is way better than the other shows like it now. this was original, and funny, in its own way. now, with other short shows (Leo Little for instance), they try to be funny or creative... they're not. this was funny and creative because it was something disney had not done, and if they have, it was only once or twice. but now they do it a lot. those other shows are not funny or entertaining. they're TRYING to be. luckily i really liked this one. so my overall grade is in the "B" range, pretty good i think anyway
  • Imaginative piece of work.

    Wow. What an imaginative show. I watch it every weekend when I don't have homework. The kids are so awesome and the sister is so adorable, the dog is cuddly as a bunny. I hate the people who give bad reviews to this show, and advise them to go bash another show, like Sym-bionic Titan. Mike's the cutest kid ever and they have such acting skills.

    If you don't understand sarcasm, then get your brains tested. This show is about as creative as a car wreck. Sally and Mike are irritating, the sets are way too bright, the dog brought in does NOT make this show watchable, and it sounds like these kids are either on crack or had too many energy drinks and candy bars. They yell way too much anyway, and if I wanted to check out the latest DVD/movie, I'd check it out on Google or wait until commercials for the stupid DVD barrage my television screen.

    (I suggest Sym-biotic Titan instead, just used it as an example)
  • this is the worst commecial in the universe, i dont get it why do they even show it in disney channel, and 4 words:horrible waste of time!!!!!!!!!!

    its horrible, change the channel when this appears, it sucks.sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks
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  • Why does everyone hate it?

    Mike's Super Short Show has to be the funniest Super Short Show ever. At least it's better than Really Short Report. Mike and Sally are funny when they're fighting and Mike is funny in his own way. But thanks to you guys, this had to be taken off the air. I wish we could catch episodes on disneychannel.com but right now we can't. I really miss this show. It was so cute and funny. But we are never gonna get to see it again. :( - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Mike and Sally review movies.

    This show is about two kids Mike and Sally and their dog scooter they talk to stars,go on the set,and talk about special features on the dvd's and tapes. The show takes place in their bedroom and showed on Disney Channel. Allison Stoner plays Sally and on the last episode she had a seperate desk from Mike and she reviewed Air Buddies that has a song by jordan Pruitt. Mike reviewed The Fox and the hound 2 with a song by High School Musical/High School Musical 2 star Lucas Grabeel. When Sally went on the set of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody she talked to Phil Lewis and Brenda Song.
  • Well, at least it's better than the Really Short Report.

    Mike's Super Short Show is a showmercial that was on Disney Channel and it wasn't that bad. Well, it wasn't that ghood either. It's more good than it is bad. I like this show way more better than the Really Short Report. That show is the dumbest thing in the world. Seriously. Anyways, Mike is played by Alan Johnson and Sally is played by Alyson Stoner. I remember the Halloweentown episode the most because I loved Halloweentown and I liked the episode. Lucas Grabeel guest starred in it. I also like this show better than Movie Surfers. I wish it was still on because I hate the other one.
  • Why is this even considered a show?

    This isn't a show, its a filler commerical! Its also a complete waste of time! Its tells us stuff that we don't even care about, and the adventures they go on are majorly stupid. I don't know why Disney even considered this to go on the network. I'm glad its off! I'm glad that its no more! Its dead and we should celebrate!
  • Basically, this is just a stupid show with some weird kids telling you whats new and already advertised. It really isnt a show to summarize since it has no plot, no interest, no nothing.

    Mikes Super Short Show is just some dumb thing that somehow got on T.V. I wouldnt want to be on that show if someone paid me $1,000,000. It just tells you about already advetised shows, movies, ect... And other useless stuff that you probably already heard from somewhere else. It doesnt really even deserve a 0, maybe a couple below that. I saw this only a couple times before I decided it was really, really dumb. The boy Mike seems like he needs help and is just in this for cash, same with the girl whose name I cant even remember. As I have said and said, this is a dumb, not even really a show, show.
  • It's so short that you want to watch Disney DVD commericals for the billionth time. That also goes to watching the sequels of classic movies too.

    Mike's Super Short Show is one of those shows that give you the value of entertainment and this actually has entertainment on the new Disney DVDs that come out each month where this is although repeated in everytime it has been aired , this is still a show about the infomation of Disney DVDs. But the cause of this show can go badly drawn is the jokes aren't really funny at all and not even a single comedish thing could harm any laughter to those that are fans who catch this. Back to the show , they can also have stars come into the room or at least go to places where it's disney releated. There are many others they can have beside the fact that some of the things are worthless to air and the overall results are a 2.5 score out of 10.0
  • loved it

    I loved this show because it tells you all you need to know about movies such as Cow Belles, Stitch The Movie, The Little Mermaid Platnium Edition, Twitches, and The Wild. I loved this show because the charecters are funny. Mike is diffrent because he acts like a little kid. Sally on the other hand is smart , and she knows what she doing unlike Mike. I do like some others episode like Leroy and Stitch and Twitches some are funny some are not. Other things i like of this episodes are special geust stars such likes Raven Symone, and others guest stars. This is why i like this show of all the crazy things they do unlike others talk shows.
  • The only word I can think of to describe this is TERRIBLE!!

    Why would they even call this a show? It is on during all the commercials, and let me tell you something...The commercials are more interesting, funny, informative, and well filmed. Mike's Super Short Show is horrible, even for a commercial. I don't think it should even be considered a show, it is a commercial. Can I make that point enough....It is a terrible commercial. It is a pointless waste of time that could be better spent reading the classified ads in the newspaper. There is no reason to show this on TV...anywhere!! I really dislike this "show". It shouldn't even be on this site (in my opinion) because it is a commercial. WoW, I didn't even think that I could come up with 100 words of how bad this show is.

    Bottom Line: If this COMMERCIAL comes on, change the channel. Anything is better than this annoying waste of time!!
  • Why is this even considered a show when it's on during commercials?

    I guess the only person who might give a care about this are young Disney princess loving girls or someone who likes those waste of space shows like "Hanna Montana" which are all so bubblegumy and fake. I don't see why this is considered a show, but putting that aside, I guess it's somewhat informative. It's not bad, but it's not the best, so I think I gave it a fare rating. The two hosts of this "show" continue to grow up, and can be somewhat annoying, so Disney can't have them on forever.
  • who the heck cares about disney dvds!!!

    Iv already seen da movies in theater!!!so why the heck would they keep repeatin over and over again!!!!i knoiw some pplz do care...but i dont!!!get it off the air now!!!by da way im new!=DI seriously think sally and make are retards!!!Mike is a sexist and everybody knows it!!!So is the stupid mr.bear!!!*pulls hair out*
    wat a waste of time!!!!!*_*
  • This is an ad not a show.

    Mike's Super-Short Show is an ad that tells people about new Disney DVD's nothing els . Some people say that it is a show I'm not one of thoes people. Not only is Mike's Super-Short Show an ad but it is also a very annoying one, the wrighting is crapy, the acting is very poor, and the timing is just bad. The good thing is that Mike's Super-Short Show is well a Super-Short Show. I find it hard to think that some people like this show. One more thing , Why Do People Think This Is A Show!!!!!!!!!!!!! In short Mike's Super-Short Show is just a really bad ad for Disney DVD's.
  • It was like watching Nacho Libre at a day-care center. YUCK.

    Don't watch this two-minute crud. I'm almost 100% sure that Mike has ADD and Sally is just hyperactive. Only watch Mike's Super-Short Show if you're in the mood for watching two overgrown toddlers bouncing around for 120 seconds. There is nothing good about this show. To improve it, I think Mike should quit, Sally should quit, and they should hire Sean Paul and Jessica Simpson to take over, I mean, at least then it might be somewhat entertaining. I really don't even understand why this show is even on the air, condering that I'd rather watch commericials then watch a six year old kid tell me to buy a DVD. I just won't tolerate it. Nice job, Disney Channel.
  • Mike's Super Short Show!!

    I don't know, I like this mini-show. I love the little skits they do for each movie, it makes me wanna go out and buy it. Some examples of my favorite skits are when they brought Herbie into Mikes room, when they did that quiz show with there neighbor(promoting Cinderella), where their little cousin came on the show telling mike pasta wil fall on his head(promoting Chicken Little), and the newest one when Sally's "twin" sister Ally comes on the show(promoting the Original Disney Channel Movie Twitches). I love Sally and Mike, without them the show wouldnt be the same.
  • It's informative about Disney Dvds and movies and such.

    I dont mind watching The short 2-3 mins, Mike's super short show comes on. Just because its only 2 or so minuets and i learn about all the new Disney movies and dvds and such coming out. I know it can be boring at times but it helped me learn about movies i most likely wouldnt have learned about. So, I guesse i owe it to Mike and his Super Short Show..haha!

  • Since when this was a show?! I would say its mike's-kind-of-long-comercial.

    It's ok....I guess......wait...no.....no. the only thing i like about this is that its not like other comercials (i know i spelled that wrong) its "ok".....what i hate about it is the crappy acting. it makes you want to change the channel sometimes. and the crappy script percuades you to change the channel.
  • Horrible!

    Its like 2 mins of Mike and Sally or whatever their names are talking about new thing on TV you can't evern call it a show I mean please its like 2 mins its shouldn't even be on TV its Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible!!
  • Pathetic!

    Honestly this show has gotten old and not mention it is terrible! They should let teenagers like the movie surfers handle this kind of stuff. And doesn't disney channel know that there is such thing called commercials? Because they air them and this show too! Me and some of my friends have seen this show and it is just boring, terrible and something that you would call 'Kiddy themed'

    Overall this show needs to be replaced with a cooler theme and not to mention older kids and needs to give out a better interest.

    So Mike and Sally, all I can say is...hit the road!
  • What the heck!!!!! can you even call this a show!

    first of, what the heck is this. this is a big waste of my time. it is very very very very very very very very very very very very cheesey. nobody needs to know about movies from some stupid show. even though i was glad it was short. it probaly isn't even a show. this show is soooooo piontless. i don't know of anyboby who thinks this is funny or cool. i think it is a super big waste of Disney Channel's money.

    !!!!STUPID!!!! they really shouldn't change the names of the hosts because everyone knows who it is. !!!!STUPID!!!!

    Don't Watch it!!! trust me.
  • More like a really long commercial than a super short show...

    Ahh i hate this thing.
    the kids are awful especially the mike kid. geez. the sally girl or w/e is talented, she's the better half. even tho the stupid thing is called "mike's super short show." they should change it cuz that mike kid...omg...is just awful. he acts really stupid and he's just like, so corny and weird. he's got odd facial expressions, and it hurts to watch him!

    um...not really anything interesting on the "show." it's not a show! it's a commercial! and the worst thing is that it's a commercial that tries to be funny, but it's not funny. no. it's not.

    i mean, they go "behind the scenes." and it's really stupid. they have the dumb "disney 411" and "disney 365" or w/e they call it. i dunno! but they are all like the same thing!!!! why do they need so many?!

    but what can you expect from disney channel?
  • you stink!

    i realy think it is a waste of there time i mean is that even a show?it stinks!i mean sure it had some good times but i hate it going around talking to old people aboat stuff they do not even know?it is a rip off!look at me i can clone my brother!big deal!remeber the lady and the tramp one?and does every thing have to have supershort in it?like mikes supershort science fair or dog show i give you my pitty mike!
  • What's the point?

    What's the point? Mike's Super-Short Show is a 1-2 minute show about new DVD / Video releases. I Do Not understand the point of this show. The Disney Channel could be spending money on 30 Minute shows or Movies instead of doing Movie Surfers or Mike's Super-Short Show or any of these stupid 1-2 minute shows that Disney does do a lot of times. It doesn't make scene to me. That one reason why they invented commericals. To show people new stuff, new movies, etc. Instead of doing this stupid show about kids jumping into other lands and reviewing movies, they could play a commerical!!
  • This Show Is Hard To Catch But When You Do Its Awesome

    Mikes Super Short show is about 5 min. everyday but its worth it. You get caught up on all the disney special projections like the Y-bomb which when set off replaces the Y chromosome in males with a X chromosome. Those sly disney characters. You also find out secret information on Mickey Goofy Minney and the Gang.
  • A very short show that appears during the commercials on Disney Channel.

    Sure it's short, sure it's annoying..but it tells me what movies are about. Sometimes it really helps. Sometimes I even go to see the movies. Disney hasn't made any amazing movies lately..not since Finding Nemo...but the show does tell you whats on a DVD before you buy it and stuff like that. Sometimes it can be very helpful, you know? But it's very short, obviously. Also, it is very corny sometimes. Plus, it gets old fast not to mention that little Mike went through puberty and now has a manly voice =)
  • If you want information on new movies look on google.

    i don't like this show to much beacause it comes on to much. And I don't need to know about new movies beaucause I
    have the internet. It is very corny, and It is mostly about there selfs. not disney channels movies. Sorry, but this is just boring. Boring. *yawn*
  • The crap that Disney Channel pay for.

    I mean... look at it, kids and a dog, fifteen seccond show on commercal talking about outdated DVDs, interesting.
    If you want to know the latest on movies, get off of your butt, get in the car or walk to your video store, and even rent it out, AMAZING! Its like you actually checked yourself. They keep out old DVDs and repeat the fifteen seccond show saying 'This new DVD on Disney DVD is just coming out.' when it is ages old. If I could remake the show: first make it longer. Seccond is take out the kids. Third reformat the show. Fourth is talk about something actually important. Fifth thing is make money. Sixth pay to make show longer. Sixth and not least- repeat.
  • What the heck is this?!

    This is probably the dumbest show I have ever seen, It is not even a show. It is just a stupid skit thing with lame actors, but with decent movies they show. I have only watched it really once, and I was so bored I would just rather not watch TV at all.

    This show is pointless, I dont even know why they would even think it was ever funny, creative or anything else. I think they should but their minds into creating a show with something CREATIVE, not something that is not even a show, and something that is funny. It is just a worthless 2 minute life-waster.
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