Mile High

Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 29, 2004 on Sky1

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  • A couple of new recruits join the team, and Croker moves in with Janis.

    Gorgeous Charlotte has just broken up with the married man she was seeing after he left his wife for her without warning, and joins Fresh on a whim. Jack's sister Popppy also joins in an attempt to meet Marco, who saved her from drowning in last week's episode. Poppy and Charlotte develop a good comaraderie, although Janis takes an instant dislike to both of them - especially since Croker is quite taken with Charlotte's youthful beauty. Jack does everything he can to facilitate Croker's interest in Charlotte to rile Janis.

    After Croker's wife threw him out, he's moved in with Janis. I really pity this woman, who must know she's being used, but is too in love with him to care.

    Poppy comes up against a few hurdles in her quest to become an airline hostess - namely, her age and lack of experience. Charlotte helps her out, and they create a false resume and steal Poppy's sister's passport.

    When Janis attempts to sabotage Poppy and Charlotte's practical assessment, Will steps in and insists she be fairer to them. The girls end up passing and are now part of the Fresh team.

    Meanwhile, Janis goes to visit Marco, who's in hospital with complications from pneunomia after jumping into the ocean following the realisation Janis and Croker are involved, despite Croker's shabby treatment of her. Janis goes to visit him in hospital, and they have words about her and Croker's involvement. Poor guy, he's so in love with her, hopefully he'll so reciprocate Poppy's interest in him.

    Another great - if unapologetically trashy - episode. 8.
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