Mile High

Season 2 Episode 26

Episode 26

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2005 on Sky1

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  • Two Fresh recruits arrive at a bar, and see a familiar face.

    As two Fresh recruits arrive at a beach bar, reminiscent of the pilot, one of them is getting married, they encounter Janis, the owner, who tells th story of a terrible plane accident which killed one of the crew. The episode starts with a flashback with regards to Crockers ex wife arranging a little party for all his conquests in their villa, to reveal how slimy he actually is, and then concludes with a crash. It shocked the life out of me to realise that this would be the last ever episode, but drew a lot of closure too. Nice cameo from Freema Agyeman too.
  • Normally, not too bad-

    this one has many missing pieces to it and neds to have a stronger rewrite.-Tooooo many unanswered questions. Not normal for the writers. Come Characters are too narrow( no story to them) Looks like they just wanted warm bodies on the set.
    Normally, very good writing- sometimes you never know where they are going and what is going to happen
  • Almost perfect.

    I have watched this show since it started on the BBC channel and fell in love with it form day one. I was more than upset when they killed my favorite character LEAnn off, just when she had finally found true happiness with Dan. It was the perfect show until the end. I wish that ending were just a dream and one day we will see Dan and LeAnn on an Island somewhere with cool drinks in hand.
  • Dissapionting Last episode in the present series starts with Janice working in a beach bar talking to a couple of new fresh recruits.It becomes clear that Janice has long left fresh and so the story begins with a series of flashbacks which eventually bri

    About 5 minuits into the last episode my heart sank as the realisation set in that this episode was going to be the end of an era.It soon becomes very clear that most of our favourite crew will no longer be working for our favourite airline.As the story starts to unfold in flasback,we are left wondering whether this is the last episode ever!This episode deals with captain crokers wife taking revenge on her cheating soon to be ex husband, Will worrying that he might have hiv and an incident on a flight which kills a key character.A sad episode in the sense that you just know that if the show does return it will be with a new cast.Towards the end of the episode we see Janice explaining to the new recruits that her last flight was a couple of years ago,Lorna was now a purser and Poppy moved on to be with Edd and they have had a baby.But all is not lost as Janice doesnt run the bar by herself, as we see Wiil bringing up a create of beers,and the episode ends with Will making a toast to "Fresh the next generation".I really hope the show does return as it deserves another series,its fresh, liveley, sexy, well acted and above all it makes you feel good.Just a shame most of our favourite characters will be missing...One of the best shows on tv.