Mile High

Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2004 on Sky1

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  • Jack becomes increasingly desperate to raise cash, and Leeann sorts things out with Marvin.

    A few episodes ago, Leann got close to a passenger, Marvin, only to discover he had a 'wife' and kids. She was furious, and when she tells Will about Marvin's deception, Will plots revenge on Leann's behalf, in the form of 'extra mayo' in Marvin's sandwhich and hiding his luggage. Marvin is furious, and writes a scathing review of their performance.

    Later, Marvin and Leeann meet up, and despite initial animosity on Marvin's part, they work things out. They almost kiss when Leeann asks Marvin what did he do with the complaint. Not wanting their romantic moment to be ruined, Marvin lies and says he threw it out, when he actually sent it to head over. Later, Leeann gets a drubbing from Head Office and is furious at Marvin, calling their fledgling relationship off. Marvin does what it takes to get her back onside - with unseen disasterous consequences.

    Meanwhile, Jack is convinced he's losing his girlfriend Lucy, so he decides to ask her to marry him. Only problem is, the engagement ring he wants is far too expensive, so he resorts to smuggling contraband, then tortoises - which gets cooked thanks to Poppy's unwitting actions - and then, to make up for the lost tortoises, he smuggles drugs which he thinks are cigarettes. When he hears customs are waiting to check everyone, he ditches the 'cigarettes' in what was Marvin's seat. Thinking Marvin left them behind, Leann picks them up to take them to him, only to be arrested for smuggling a large amount of illegal drugs. Now Leanne is in trouble for drug smuggling, and Jack is in trouble for losing his dealer's supply - several thousand dollar's worth, on top of the dead tortoises. At least his relationship with Lucy appears to be going well, although he is completely oblivious to Charlotte's feelings for him.

    Another great installment of tawdy British soap. 8/10.
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