Mile High

Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2004 on Sky1

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  • More trouble between Marco, Janis and Croker, with an oblivious Poppy tagging along; Leeann takes the fall for Jack's drugs.

    Leeann is being questioned regarding the drugs she was caught with; thinking she was picking them up for her boyfriend, she has no idea who the manufacturer is. THe police don't believe her, and despite Will and his lawyer friend's best efforts, Leeann is charged with drug possession with intent to sell.

    Leanne is convinced that Marvin left the drugs there, planning that she would think they were his that he left behind and return them to her - and if she got stuck at customs, that was her problem. She has it out with him during a meeting, and breaks down at the possibility of jail.

    Meanwhile, Jack keeps his distance from Leeann, knowing she's in trouble because of him - and knowing his supplier will be less then impressed over the lost merchandise, especially since Jack lost several thousand dollars worth or contraband animals the last time he attempted to smugle illicit goods into England. He and Lucy inform her family of their engagement, who are happy for them, but his conscience weighs heavily. Meanwhile, Charlotte has worked out that the drugs were Jacks and confronts him about them; Jack pretends to have no idea what Charlotte is talking about. It becomes obvious that Charlotte has a thing for Jack, and given Jack doesn't exactly have a stirling reputation for being faithful, I'm curious as to where this will end up.

    Janis, Croker, Marco and Poppy get stuck in Spain when the plane breaks down. They have to share a two-room suite, and while Poppy is eager to have one-on-one time with Marco, Marco is determined that Janis and Croker will not get any one-on-one time themselves, so they end up split with Marco and Croker in one room, and Janis and Poppy in the other. Janis and Croker attempt to have sex, but Marco keeps thwarting them. Meanwhile, Poppy is increasingly disappointed that Marco is showing no interest in her.

    Croker ends up taking Marco flying, thanking him for his dicretion regarding him and Janis. Croker has no idea Marco and Janis were involved. He admits that, while Janis is sweet and loyal, he would never marry her - she's just not the kind of woman you marry. He calls Janis plane and suggests that's why he likes having her to go back to, because the plain girls try harder. Marco is incensed, and fantasises about flying the plane into the water, killing them both. I really hope Marco and Poppy get together soon, because he's way better then to be moping over someone like Janis. And I wish Janis would get over Croker, he's a lying, cheating philandere who is only with Janis because he can't find something better for the moment.

    Another great installment that will keep me waiting for next week's ep. 8/10
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