Mile High

Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 2004 on Sky1

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  • Charlotte forces Jack to fess up; a millionaire calls the shots on her chartered flight, with disasterous consequences for Wil.

    Will, Croker, Janice and Poppy are the crew for a plane which a lottery winner, Carole, has chartered for her family and friends. Just before the plane is set to take off, Carole gets sick of her freeloading hangers-on and throws them all off the plane. Distraught and feeling that no-one cares about her beyond what her money can buy them, she sits on the plane and cries, leaving the crew with no idea what to do. Will cheers her up and Carole decides to spend her holiday with the Fresh crew to do her bidding.

    Will has exactly the kind of self-depreciating wit that Carole loves, and she decides to marry him on a whim. Gleefully, Wil resigns in the form of dozens of faxes to the Fresh administration telling them what they can do with themselves. Of course, Carole reconciles with her fiance, leaving will with nothing but a goodbye payoff from the lottery winner and a lot of burnt bridges. It was difficult to feel sorry for him, after he burnt them so spectactularly.

    In the meantime, Janice is infuriated by Croker\'s behaviour, who is happy to strip off and swim maked in a pool. She\'s no better at bringing him to heel as his live-in girlfriend then she was as his faithful mistress. I almost felt sorry for her. Would feel sorrier for her if she wasn\'t such a rotten piece of work who\'d made no attempt at a healthy relationship in the last twenty years.

    Meanwhile, Leanne is in deep trouble regarding her drugs charges; the police are looking to have her remanded in jail until her trial, which may take six weeks. Her, Marco and her lawyer have one last huge night which ends up with the three of them ending up in bed, much to Marco\'s humiliation. The lawyers teases him for a little while, then admits nothing happened, and tells Marco he is the most uptight boy he ever met.

    The police matched Jack\'s prints to the bag, and search the apartment Jack, Leeann and Marco share once more - but this time, they search Jack\'s room and find nothing. Leeann puts two and two together and realises it was JACK who brought the drugs onboard, and is furious at him.

    Charlotte goes to Spain, where Jack has run off to, to confront Jack and tell Lucy what Jack did. Lucy is devastated, and forces Jack to go back to England to take responsibility for his actions. In the airport, Jack and Charlotte have sex in the toilets, which Jack refuses to acknowledge afterwards. He tells the police he saw the bag onboard earlier, and picked it up to take it off the plane, but was distracted by a call from Lucy, so Leeann must have picked it up afterwards - they weren\'t hers, and it was an honest, if unprofessional mistake. Leeann is in the clear, but she\'s been demoted because of her unprofessionalism, and she\'s furious at Jack for putting her in such a situation. Marco sides with her and Jack is thrown out of the house. He hasn\'t ACTUALLY broken up with lucy - or, rather, she has broken up with him - but things don\'t look too good for him at the moment.

    I hope Leeann and her guy get back together now that she knows he didn\'t set her up; she\'s got some grovelling to do, though, since she ruined his presentation and probably his reputation, accusing him of smuggling drugs.

    Typical trashiness and tawdriness from my favorite British soap. It\'s a pity this show didn\'t last longer, because this garbage is GOLD.