Mile High

Season 2 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2004 on Sky1

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  • Will tries to take back his resignation, and Jack frantically tries to get back into Leanna's good books.

    With his marriages to a millionaire called off, Will has to shame-facedly go back to his boss and attempt to retract his resignation. No such luck - his boss, a former flame of Will's, wants Will out. Fortunately, Will and Poppy happen to be available when his wife goes into labour, and he decides he was being unfair to Will, letting him come back on board.

    Meanwhile, Jack is desperate to get back into Leann's good books - Marco and Poppy have both sided with Leann and Jack doesn't have anywhere to stay. On top of that, Lucy has called of the engagement and broken up with Jack.

    Salvation comes in the form of a woman who is terrified of flying, who's husband has gone off without her tafter this is the last in a long line of aborted holidays. She offers him an hourly rate to keep her company til the next flight, plus a thousand dollars if she can get on the plane. When she can't, they go back to her hotel and he attempts to steal the money - only to be caught. Distraught, he begs for clemency. SHe takes pity on him and he eventually gets her on a flight - earning his thousand dollars. He gives the money, and the engagement ring, to Leanna as means of making up for the money he lost her through her demotion. (Even thoughit was actually Charlotte who bought the ring, but it seemed typical of Jack not to think of that.)

    Meanwhile, Charlotte, Leanne and Marco end up taking a side trip to a health farm where Charlotte and Leanne make peace with their fueds with Janice and Jack, and Marco experiences an 'eigh hour orgasm' - much to Janice's chagrin. He really seems to be getting over her, although later episodes prove his obession with her was just a symptom of a self-absorbed, self-entitled personality.

    Typical tawdry, fun episode.
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