Mile High

Season 2 Episode 7

Episode 7

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2004 on Sky1

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  • A young man of Arab decent causes suspicions and vigil-antism on a plan, leading to tragedy - and romance (or at least sex).

    A young man is overheard speaking to his family, saying things like 'I'm sorry I failed you' and 'you have other sons'. A check into his background reveals he bought a one-way ticket with a stolen credit-card and threw away his mobile phone before he got on the plane. Suspicions and tensions mount, leading to the man being beaten up and dying in hospital, where it turns out he failed his A-levels and felt he had shamed his family.

    The storyline provided topical insight to the climate of fear we currently live in, which surprised me for such a tawdry show. Another storyline which surprised me for its depth was one which saw Janice pass out on the plane, to be taken toi hospital. Croker doesn't appear to give a damn - at least while it's inconvenient for him - and Marco checks in on her later. Turns out she had an eptopic pregnancy, which had to be terminated. Janice mourns her baby, and the fact that it may have been her last chance to have a child. It was a touching scene between Marco and Janice, given their history, and I really felt for both of them, but Janice especially.

    Speaking of A-levels, Poppy has aced hers, and Jack is bullying her to leave the airline to go to university, otherwise he'll tell her bosses. But not only has Poppy gotten closer to achieving a relationship with Marco, she also really enjoys her job, and is living on borrowed time.

    Jack and Charlotte end up in bed togethr after Charlotte is badly shaken by the experience with the Arab boy.I think she showed poor judgement doing that, as Jack has proven he's perfectly capable of playing around without remorse.

    Meanwhile, Marco struggles with his own post-traumatic crash, as well as anger towards Leann, who didn't take well to having him made emergency replacement purser over her and didn't co-operate with him. Who is there for him but Poppy, who brings him hugs, soup - and a willing body. I have a feeling Poppy is only going to get hurt by Marco. His relationship with Janice seems to have been a symptom of a greater sense of selishness and entitlement.

    Nonethless, a great, typically tawdry episode.