Mile High

Season 2 Episode 8

Episode 8

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2004 on Sky1

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  • The merger of two airlines brings back Jack (although minus Charlotte) and causes headaches for a favorite Fresh crew. Marco and Poppy cause each other a few headaches of their own.

    Fresh has merged with Goldstar, but there's going to be a loss of 400 jobs. The two lots of employees are wary of one another, with the Fresh staff thinking the GS staff are stuck-up and lazy, and the GS staff thinking the Fresh staff are common.

    To make it worse, Will, Poppy and Leeann have dug themselevs a holw by being caught topless sunbathing on a plane's wing. One girl is already fired for it, and it looks like heads will roll, but Will comes up with an innovative form of blackmail that gets the girl reinstated and the rest of their jobs intact.

    Meanwhile, Leeann once again shows poor judgement in getting involved with a messenger boy posing as a GS executive. Poor girl - I wish she'd meet a guy who was decent, for once. Incidentally, what happened to the guy she was involved with, who she thought used her as a mule? She made a bit of an ass of herself there, but he seemed to really like her - surely she could have tried eating humble pie?

    Marco and Poppy are involved, although Poppy's making it a much bigger deal then Marco. She wants a boyfriend; he wants a lover, and each is oblivious to the other. The problem is exaserbated when Poppy's old friends show up on one of her flights, confused as to why people call her 'Katherine'. One of her friends seems jealous of Poppy's success - her job and Marco - and contrives to seduce Marco - who doesn't take much seducing. Poppy is devastated, and Marco tells her she's suffocating him.

    Marco then proceeds to lose interest in Poppy's friend - she accusing him of thinking she's good enough to shag but not good enough to date - which prompts her to blab about Poppy's real identity - and age - to the boss. I really wasn't impressed with Marco this episode. In the past, I had sympathy for the way Janice treated him, but he did exactly the same thing to Poppy and her friend - they were good enough to sleep with, but not good enough to date. Perhaps his obsession with Janice and treatment of Poppy are symptoms of a greater personality issue?

    Bit disappointed to see Marco disintegrate into such a jerk (also Will and Jack's defence of Poppy - it was her own fault she remained stubbornly blind to what Marco was willing to give her) but overall, a good installment.