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Sky1 (ended 2005)


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  • This TV show was amazing, I really wish It would come back on.

    Mile High was my favorite program, funny, sad, erotic and just amazing I would love to fly with 'Fresh' airlines.
  • I'm all in favour of bringing Mile High back. It is the best drama Sky have ever done. Certainly the best drama British tv has ever seen. Brilliant cast and great story lines too. It would be good to have the original cast, but that's isn't vital.

    I'm all in favour of bringing Mile High back. It is the best drama Sky have ever done. Certainly the best drama British tv has ever seen. Brilliant cast and great story lines too.
    It would be good to have the original cast, but that's isn't vital. There are so many paths this series could take.
    Maybe even transatlantic flights would be a good idea.
    A topical storyline could be about missing or abducted children abroad, the crew could get involved in searching for missing children.
    I'm sure it would sell well throughout the world.
    Come on Sky, look into making another series of this great British drama and give the BBC and ITV something to be jealous about.
  • Fresh, an airline with more character than your standard charter airline.

    Mile High ran from 2002-2004 on sky one, and is about the loves and lives of the cabin crew, from KC, who was so into debt she ended up fleeing the country, to Janice, the purser of steel, who was hated (and loved) by her staff. The show concentrated on how cabin crew act, and as a former cabin crew myself, I can only say, it was very close. I was gutted when the series ended, with a dramatic finale, which I wont go into. It has also launched or relaunched some familiar faces, with special guest stars (Bev Callard, Tracy Shaw, Louis Emerick to name a few)it made air travel sexy.
  • This show is all about the crew of airline Fresh!It provides a funny but realistic look into the drama and trials of a cabin crew.It shows so much depth to each character in a humorous way.Gripping viewing!

    I think this show is pure genius.At first I was unconvinced about it and sceptical of how there was any reason to watch this but after one episode I was hooked and couldn't wait to see more.There is such humorous jokes and depth to the characters you find it hard not to enjoy their dramatic lives.As you watch them face so many trials you fall in love with them and want to see what happens as the time passes.Many things happen so unexpectedly they shock you deeply and make you think twice about just watching it without looking into what is happening.This is truly addictive viewing at it's best!
  • Get ready to get Fresh! with the freshest airline and flight crew on the tarmac. Time to get saucy and raunchy cos anything can happen when you get the Mile High treatment and experience.

    Mile High is the story of the flight crew of the airline 'Fresh!'. The story basically rotates around the lives of the airline flight attendants and the unusual adventures they get up to between flights and on transit from destination to destination. Anything could happen from sex, drinking, nudity and more sex. It is a non-stop series of thrill after thrill. You never know what is going to happen next. I partly love the show because I am a airplane enthusiast and I love to fly at any excuse but I also love the women flight attendants on the show who are all babes. It is a real crime and shame, not to mention a pity that the series only went for 2 seasons.
  • The series cronicle a group of employees of a low budget airline based in the UK. This diverse group of employees shows the glamor and sad life of daily travel.

    The series is nicely made, and shot in exotic locations in both the UK and Spain. The first few episodes shows promise, as it breaks out of the typical norm to depict the life of airline workers as fun and even frivolous at times. The amount of sex and scandal never seizes, which is another reason why it works.
    However, in the latter part of the series, the stories becomes more ubsurd, and comical, and totally beyond the realm of reason. Also, it becomes too devolved, and seemingly predictable and moves out of its main theme of life in the air service.
    You wont miss much by not seeing the series, but it is pretty much a good way to blow off a few hours.
  • Mile High dramas and sex. Can't get enough!

    This show is da bomb! :p Hot guys and girls, tropical locations, sexual tension and enough drama to keep it spicy. What more do you need?!

    This is the perfect show to wind down to and have a good laugh with. The scenarios may be overly dramatic but that's why I love it. Marco and that new pilot (I forget his name) are delicious, Poppy and Leahn are absolutely gorgeous and Will is hilarious.

    The acting is good enough to evoke reactions from me but I'm a television junkie and will watch anything. I really wish they hadn't cancelled it.
  • The cast, the plot....everything is hot hot hot!

    ok, so the storylines that lead the crew into hell hole's of drama, are great, but i always focus on the 2 hot characters. Dan Peterson and Marco Bailey keep me coming back to this show every week! Marco is young and hot in a hormone way, and Dan is the extremely attractive pilot. WIsh i could fly Fresh!
  • The airline is Fresh and it's crew are too.

    When Sky One aren't showing back to back Simpsons, you can get this gem which better than Dream Team. The sexed up, up for it crew are headed by frosty Janis(the superb Jo Anne Knowles)whos clearly in need of a man in her life. New recruit Marco tries to seek Janis's inner beauty but to no avail, meanwhile he's secretly being lamented by bottle blonde colleague Will. Sexy and good fun too, get the DVD if you missed the first series.

  • Soapy fun!

    This is one of the juiciest soaps around. Lots of crazy antics and sexy scenes. Season one just got better with each episode. I have high hopes for season 2. This show has a little bit for everyone - from slutty Janis to gay party boy Will. I just hope that season 2 is just as good. All of the tropical destinations of Fresh are fun, too. We'll see how it is without KC, Emma and John. This is definitely one of the best soaps in years, especially with the fun, young cast and tropical destinations. Let's hope the fun continues for a few years!
  • Just released on DVD and had to buy.....

    Mile High series 1 has just been released on DVD and I had to buy it. I only remember some of the episodes but had to watch all of them again to carry on with the time-line.

    All the situations are believable although would never have taken place in such a relatively small airline with such few staff. We just get to see the juicy bits!

    The stories are helped by having location filming in Spain as well as the UK. Added reality is provided by having real aircraft painted in the Fresh colours.

    I am eagerly looking forward to the next release on DVD as I will definitely be buying it.
  • LOVE this Show.

    My friends and i we always get together every week to watch all the Bitchness of Janice, GOSH this show is the AWESOME.
    Specially i love that Scottish guy, someone needs to put Janice Straight.
    well i would recomend this show if you like lotta bitching, and sexual stuff.
    so i give it a A+++
  • A brand new airline exploring the lives of the staff of Fresh - a sexy new airline. Very realistic for this type of modern classy airline.

    Fresh - the sexiest, most modern airline in the world, providing excellent service and attractive staff.
    'Mile High' explores the daily routines of the staff, and gets much more personal into the staff's opinions, their personal and sex lives, and lets you in on everything they're doing.
    The show changes the average opinion on cabin crew, and shows how fun yet complicated the career can be.
    Shattering, complicated, but fun personal lives do not mix with the business life of smiling, dedicated cabin crew servicing thousands of people daily.
    Much like a real airline, you and your friends will be secretly loving it!
  • TV show that has little entertainment value. Plot is more based around the high sex drive of the characters rather than their depth of character or their career choice. If you would like to watch a show with a plot maybe best to flick the channel on this

    The show is about a budget airline that has mostly extroverted personalities and sexual experimentation occuring in all episodes. The average episode presents the viewer with a flight and one or two (poorly acted and written) main scenes, a few stressed passengers, a few dodgy work practices, sexual encounters with passengers/coworkers and a stay at a hotel for the next flight.

    The plot and setting of "Mile High" is around a flight crew with outgoing personalities and ego's to match, and looking to have fun, whilst finding happiness in their career and in life. Unfortunately, the writers only seem to focus on the characters confidence when it comes to their sexual exploits, rather than their skills/abilities when working on the aircraft or any other characteristics of their personalities.

    If you are wanting to see a show with single minded sexually obessed people that are focused on fulfilling their sexual desires with very very loosely based airport goings on, than this show is for you!
    However, if you are looking for a show that presents the travel industry and the characters within it, whilst having a strong storyline and a chance to bond to the characters and the personalities within the show, than this show is probably not for you.

  • Very fun, surprisingly real!

    I usually don\'t care for British humor, but I was surfing through the channels and ended up on Mile High somehow. I love it. I know I\'m a couple years late, but I can\'t wait to see more. I am an airline pilot here in the states and really can\'t believe how close it comes to flying the line. We do things a bit different here in the states, and there isn\'t quite so much partying going on, but the characters seem to be right out of the back of my AirBus! This is an outstanding show and keeps me wanting more. Does anyone know if there is a DVD set of the first season? I would love to own it on DVD. Great stuff.
  • This isnt tv at its absolute best but it is great fun to watch!

    No in depth plots or deep charcters, no strikingly tense moments or outright belly laughs but this really is an enjoyable show. It is so easy to watch and the characters seem to be actually normal people albeit a little extreme. Great locations and acted well enough seeing that the characters are purposely quite shallow. All in all a very relaxed and fun show.
  • I love Mile High and its cast members.....

    I have to say I have watched Mile High from the beginning - it has got better and better with every series - this last series was excellent with Dan, Lehann, Will etc - fabulous cast! Yes, the next series will have new cast members, but we will get to know them over time. Dream Team - another Sky One series - have done this over and over each season - new cast - I'm sure the storylines will keep us gripped and wanting more and more each week.......
  • One of those shows that leaves you wanting MORE and MORE!

    I saw this programs ad on sky one ages ago and was hooked just from the ad, then watching the show it make me go out and get SKY PLUS and set it to record lol, Its an amazing show that has, Love, Suspence, Drama EVERYTHING a show need to be one of the best shows i have ever seen, This show needs to be released in the USA and other contries to see what they would make of it... Its truly great.... Im still hoping they bring out DVDs of seasons 1&2 and now 3 :) Amazing Show! Go Set It To Record In Your Sky Planner Now!