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A group of Fresh Hope passengers combating their fear of flying are enroute to Madeira, and Poppy, not herself since the departure of Marco, takes great pleasure in making it worse for them at every opportunity. Group guru Jonathan, sensing her vulnerability, spends the evening with her - providing a shoulder to cry on, and boosting her confidence. They take a romantic walk on the beach at sunset but things take a darker turn when they return to the hotel and Poppy finds an unexpected hero in Janis. Will, also suffering from Marco's departure, is on self destruct and spends the evening getting more and more off his head. His irrational behaviour breaks up a crew party as no-one can keep up with him. Not wanting to be left on his own, and determined to continue the party at all costs, he takes his life in his hands, and climbs out onto the balcony to the horror of onlookers. Lehann is the only one he'll listen to. Meanwhile Captain Croker, having been demoted along with Captain Peterson, is struggling to cope and seems to be unwell. A blow to his ego owing to an unexpected failure during a romantic encounter, combined with his other problems, leaves him in hospital. Darren Day plays Jonathan, the guru, a god in the aviophobics eyes who enables them to board their flight to Madeira. He looks after them and helps them achieve their dream, but shows another side to his character later in the day. One of his group, Helen, played by Hollyoak's Terri Dwyer is very taken with Captain Croker, and in turn very disappointed, as he fails to live up to her romantic expectations.moreless
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