Milestones in Science & Engineering



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Milestones in Science & Engineering

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Milestones in Science & Engineering is a series of short documentaries that go through different topics in a short and informative way through all things science, to topics on the earth, technology and engineering. Each topic is presented from its initial design, innovation or theoretical start point and traced through history with new developments up until the modern-day. The series gives way to a narrative documentary style and instead is replaced by reenactments of the innovation and portrays scientists in the conditions that they would have worked in during their time. The series also uses animated scenes to describe how the inventors researched and understood what they were studying or trying to achieve. The documentaries offer a factual and easy to understand guide to each subject so that viewers can learn and understand the subject easily, therefore it's good for adults and children, making scientific innovation a reality, not just something to read about in a book.

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