Season 2 Episode 20

A Room with No View

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 1998 on FOX

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  • Am I missing something here?

    Where did all these captives go to the bathroom? For a intellectual show, this is huge oversight.
  • The demonic Lucy Butler returns, this time kidnapping youths and taking them to a rural farmhouse for reasons unknown. She demands total obedience from her victims, the alternative being death...

    Frank is asked to investigate a murder, the culprit assumed to be the young man's disappeared roommate. He then realises the roommate has been abducted, but by whom? We soon find out the abductor is Lucy Butler, who has an entire farmhouse full of missing young men. She also has a vicious dog to keep them in line, and a mysterious accomplice...or is it Lucy's "other" personality? Frank and Peter race to find the abductee.
    At last, the return of Lucy Butler, wonderfully played by the angelic-looking Sarah-Jane Redmond. She has a basement full of victims, explaining to them the value of being ordinary, while the same horrid Muzak track plays over and over at deafening volume-a great, memorable touch.Unfortunately we're still none the wiser about who or what Lucy is, and perhaps they've left it to us to make up our own minds. It's a tense episode, and Lucy makes a great arch-villain for Frank, but a little more information about Lucy and her motivations would have been appreciated. Still, a handsomely produced, intelligent offering.
  • A very interesting idea, showing a version of a living hell, and a new side to an old character.

    Season 2 of Millennium was a season which had a lot of experimentation through the different episodes, and "A Room With no View is definitely no exception.

    The episode is about a highschool boy who gets kidnapped, and Frank has to find him. It turns out that the boy was kidnapped by Lucy Butler from season one. However, Lucy has a very different personality than the one she had before.

    The episode is shows the boy in his captivity as he is put into a kind of living hell. He is forced to listen to bad music being repeated over and over again, he is "loved" by Lucy Butler (who is very seductive in this episode, in a very creepy way), and is forced to lose a sense of who he is. The only thing, outside of this psychological torture, that he has to pass the time is counting the time that he has been stuck in that place, and talking to an unresponsive roommate.

    While the episode does show Frank trying to find the boy, which is pretty interesting, it isn't the best thing about the episode. It's the representation of the boy's time in captivity that makes the episode really interesting. The writing and directing really help to capture this feeling of hell. It also really does a good job at conveying Lucy as this very different, very creepy and seductive character.