Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 1999 on FOX

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  • The evil Lucy Butler returns for the third time in the Millennium franchise. This time she is the nanny for a powerful political family where her dark influence looms over the family's young child.

    Millennium is one of the top television series in my book. And this is my one of my favourite episodes of all time. With the return of Lucy Butler, 'Antipas' really delivers on many levels and the dark atmostphere that Millennium gives it's viewers. Sarah-Jane Redmond, who plays Lucy Butler is one of my favourite actresses to watch. Having also worked in some of 'The X Files'episodes as well, she captivates a certain love from the audience and most definetly from her fans. The first time we saw her was in the Season 1 episode 'Lamentation'. She also appeared in the Season 2 episode 'A Room With No View'. No, she's back. This time, she haunts Frank Black directly, leaving him clues and murders that leads him straight to her and the child Davina, who she claims as her own. As the episode develops, Frank discovers the startling connection between the little girl and why Lucy Butler has now returned.