Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 1997 on FOX
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Frank is asked to develop a psychological profile on a sheriff who confessed to murdering his entire family. Frank begins to think the story does not add up and finds some inconsistencies in the case.

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  • Simply amazing...the kind of thing you would never see on an ordinary cop show

    "Covenant" is the perfect example of what made "Millennium" so different, and so brilliant, during its all-too-brief run on TV.

    There is no murder committed in this episode; the crime under investigation happened in the past. The police already have their man and are convinced of his guilt. Enter Frank Black. The grisly details of the murder of the family become a second thought to him as he meets and gets inside the mind of the accused killer. For Frank, the "why" is the most important, and often most unanswered, question in the wake of a brutal crime. And in his search to answer "why," Frank discovers an even more startling truth.

    If another show tried to do a story like this, I am convinced it would flounder. Without the strength of the writing, the production design that made the mundane and every day seem so eerie, and the anchoring performance of Lance Henriksen, it would lose its impact. The ultimate reveal would be cheap and tawdry, but on "Millennium" it is almost revrential. When I watch this and other episodes from the first season, I miss "Millennium," but can cherish the moments like this that created the best crime show of the 1990s.moreless
John Finn

John Finn

William Garry

Guest Star

Michael O'Neill

Michael O'Neill

County Prosecutor Calvin Smith

Guest Star

Sarah Koskoff

Sarah Koskoff

Didi Higgens

Guest Star

Brittany Tiplady

Brittany Tiplady

Jordan Black

Recurring Role

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    • Frank: Your Honor, I've spent my whole adult life trying to understand how the mind of a killer works. How he thinks, how he feels. William Gary is not capable of doing the things he has been convicted of.

    • Frank: Mr. Gary, I can't let you die for something you didn't do.

    • Frank: He may be feeling so guilty that he convinced himself he is responsible for the killings.

    • Operator: The man says he killed his family, and according to my results it says he did.

    • Reilly: Fashion an angel for your wife's birthday and then kill the family. Happens all the time.

    • Gary: Do you know what it is like to scream in silence 365 days a year?

    • Frank: Why didn't you let you lawyer use temporary insanity?
      Gary: I wasn't insane. I was angry. I was in rage. I let things build up shame on me.

    • Frank: I just finished reading Gary's confession. It's very strange.

    • Gary: I came in from working in the garage. I was tired. I put in a long day. William Jr was coming down from the stairs. He didn't see me at first. I think I thought I was just smacking him till I realized I had the chisel in my hand and there was blood all over me... my son was dead. My wife came down from the stairs, she must have heard the noise. There was no stopping now. After I was finished with my wife I went into my daughter's room. Mary was awake. That made it more difficult. She cowered on her bed crying. She didn't fight. She didn't fight back or try to run away. It was the first time I had ever laid a hand on her. I had to go upstairs to Gabe's room. I'm grateful now he didn't wake up to see me looking down at him. He was only five years old. Once you start something like this you somehow have to finish it.

    • Gary: I did it. They are dead. All dead.

    • "Thou dost frighten me
      with dreams and terrify me
      by visions."
      ----Job 7:14

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