FOX (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Frank Black a retired police consultant, who once worked for the FBI has just returned to his hometown with his wife and daughter. He decides to offer his support in a case and is given resources by a mysterious organization called the Millennium Group. Frank must catch the murderer with his ability to see out of the eyes of the killers. But this case draws him back into a world which he was trying to escape. But will Frank be able to save the latest victim in time before it is too late?moreless
    • Gehenna
      Episode 2

      When human ashes are found in a local park, Frank Black joins an investigation that leads to a cult that kills its unwilling members. When Frank gets closer to the cult leader he sees the force that may be influencing the killers he seeks.

    • Dead Letters
      Dead Letters
      Episode 3
      Against the initial resistance of the Group, Frank travels to Portland, Oregon, to investigate a murder at an animal shelter. He meets with Jim Horn, a profiler and candidate for the Millennium Group. But Horn is distracted by his imminent divorce, and there is tension between him and Frank. When the killer strikes again, Horn is losing control, and Frank not only has to catch the killer who leaves grisly messages on his victims, but he has to contend with Horn as well who is more than ready to stop the murderer with terminal prejudice.moreless
    • The Judge
      The Judge
      Episode 4
      Frank is called in to find a murderer who sent his victim's wife his severed tongue. Frank thinks the murders are connected to other unexplained serial killings where body parts were also sent through the post. Soon Frank comes to realize that the serial killers are being recruited by a man calling himself 'The Judge', who has a satanic way of dealing out justice...moreless
    • 522666
      Episode 5
      Frank and Peter assist an FBI investigation when a mad bomber terrorizes Washington, D.C, by blowing up buildings then to come out looking like a hero, the bomber goes back into the wreckage to save victims. Frank and Peter help search for the bomber whose attention starved personality may be the key to his undoing.moreless
    • Kingdom Come
      Kingdom Come
      Episode 6
      A desperate man sets out on a killing spree taking revenge on the holy men that he believes have led him to stray. Frank can see the man's sense of faith and the lack his faith could be the key to stopping this killer. Frank then puts himself in danger when he walks into a hostage situation at a small town church.moreless
    • Blood Relatives
      Blood Relatives
      Episode 7
      A juvenile delinquent begins taking advantage of families grieving the loss of a loved one with the support of a sadistic friend to a murderous end. Frank Black puts himself in the troubled boy's frame of mind to find answers as Catherine looks elsewhere, into the boy's tortured family life.
    • The Well-Worn Lock
      Catherine aids a woman who has been sexually abused by her father for twenty-three years. Catherine however finds it hard to find anyone who will take this case to court, so she turns to Frank for emotional support.
    • Wide Open
      Wide Open
      Episode 9
      A young girl whose parents were brutally murdered becomes the last hope in finding a killer. So Catherine encourages Jordan to speak out to the young girl and try to get her to get over the awful experience she has been through. But Bletcher is determined to let the relive what happened so they can get more evidence about what actually happened.moreless
    • The Wild and the Innocent
      Frank searches for answers when a couple kidnap a killer-in-hiding and engage in their own murder spree. Frank must track them down before they find the baby the girl's father sold to a childless couple, because Frank fears they could be next victims.
    • Weeds
      Episode 11
      Frank pursues a killer who kidnaps teenagers from an upper middle-class neighborhood and forces them to drink human blood. After one is killed and the other is returned home unharmed because his father admitted to making a mistake, Frank is forced to set up a trap to capture the killer before he can harm the third victim.moreless
    • Loin Like a Hunting Flame
      A pharmacist drugs unsuspecting couples and forces them to enact his sexual fantasies that he cannot carry out with his wife. Will Frank and the Millennium Group be able to end these crimes before he can strike again?
    • Force Majeure
      Force Majeure
      Episode 13
      The Millennium Group investigates the suicides of identical twin girls born seven years apart. They soon find out that a man and his bizarre family of cloned daughters are preparing for the apocalyptic disaster of May 5th, 2000, when a celestial alignment of the planets take place.
    • The Thin White Line
      When Frank links two seemingly unrelated murders he finds that a killer seems to be committing murders in the exact style of serial killer Richard Hance, whom Frank put behind bars twenty years ago. The case warrants Frank’s attention, and he is forced to his personal demons before he can help Bletcher track down the copycat killer...moreless
    • Sacrament
      Episode 15

      Frank Black’s private and professional lives clash when his sister-in-law is abducted by a convicted sex offender at her child's baptism. Although Bletcher orders him to stay out of the investigation because he is too close to the case, he cannot help but become involved. However, even his extraordinary abilities might not be enough to find his brother’s wife.

    • Covenant
      Episode 16
      Frank is asked to develop a psychological profile on a sheriff who confessed to murdering his entire family. Frank begins to think the story does not add up and finds some inconsistencies in the case.
    • Walkabout
      Episode 17
      Frank suffers from memory loss after participating in a mysterious clinical drug trial that resulted in at least one death. Frank is forced to remember what happened as he slowly begins to piece it together in his mind.
    • Lamentation
      Episode 18
      Frank investigates when he is called in by the Millennium Group to assist them in tracking down an escaped serial killer that Frank helped put behind bars years ago. The killer, Dr. Ephraim Fabricant, was abducted from a hospital while donating a kidney to his dying sister. But during the search, Frank comes face-to-face with an even more terrifying enemy which terrorizes his family.moreless
    • Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions
      Frank is drawn into a murder investigation based around Satanic murders that somehow involve a mysterious attorney and a man who claims to be Bob Bletcher's killer. While on the case the Millennium Group get caught in a battle between good and evil.
    • Broken World
      Broken World
      Episode 20
      Frank is called in to investigate the kidnapping of the owner of a horse-farm. Frank then hunts down a serial-killer-in-the-making who takes pleasure in slaughtering horses, but Frank fears that horses may only be the beginning.
    • Maranatha
      Episode 21
      Frank and Peter are called in by a police detective to investigate a series of ritualistic murders. They then team up with a Russian police officer, Yura Surova to help solve the case. Surova's people believe that the person responsible for these murders is a Russian mythological being called Yaponchik...
    • Paper Dove (1)
      Paper Dove (1)
      Episode 22
      While visiting Catherine's family in Virginia, Frank is asked to help clear the name of a man accused of killing his wife. To his surprise, however, Frank finds that the situation hits closer to home than he initially thought.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3