Season 1 Episode 6

Kingdom Come

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 1996 on FOX

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  • Faith/Off

    Neither overly sentimental or metaphor-heavy, Kingdom Come wasn't that great an episode when taken on face value but, if you look a little deeper, was one of the most original and interesting episodes so far.

    We discover in this episode that Frank has renounced any type of religious activity in his life, raising Jordan without faith. While investigating Calloway's crimes, Frank almost regains his faith... in faith. Eventually theorizing that Calloway has, all along, maintained his faith in God, Frank believes that helping him embrace his faith will end his cycle of madness. Unfortunately, this turns out to not be the case. It's definitely an intriguing plot twist and successfully brings up the issue of mankind's lack of faith, and what could happen if we all embraced it once in a while.

    While the episode had an intriguing principal idea, the script let it down. The dialogue seemed clunky and, worst of all, the entire hour was littered with conveniences and gaping leaps in logic. For instance, Jill Harned is completely okay with letting a strange man into her home before rushing out, leaving her 60-something husband alone with somebody she's never met and knows nothing about. It was scenes like this that generally screwed up the script, giving you the impression that the writer had a series of interesting ideas, but tied them all together with unbelievable plot twists.

    One point of interest in this episode was the working relationship between Frank Black and his Millennium Group consultant Ardis Cohen. I was more convinced by this relationship than I was with Frank and Peter Watts and it was disappointing to discover that she would never re-appear on the show. Lindsay Crouse is a welcome addition to the series and it was a missed opportunity to not pursue her for more episodes.

    Director: Winrich Kolbe
    Writer: Jorge Zamacona
    Rating: B-