Season 1 Episode 6

Kingdom Come

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 1996 on FOX

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  • A priest is burned to death in ritual heretic killing style similar to killings done historically to non-believers. Frank is brought in when it seems to be similar to a serial killer that committed similar murders a few years before.

    A difficult case as we were trying to figure out what the connection was to the different murders. Frank is brought in to see if they can tie everything together.

    Things became a little more difficult when the second victim this time around was a Presbyterian Minister who was retired. In the past the murder victims had all been Catholic. There were a few ties in the murder which brought them together. The style in which it was done being straight out of the same set of guides used to deal historically with heretics. Also the victim had been rendered immobile with a blow to the head then killed in the ritualistic style chosen.

    The key to Frank eventually stopping him was in the fact that the killer still had faith and was afraid to die because he knew he was going to be judged. How twisted he became over the loss of his wife and child in the fire to strike out at anyone that had helped his families faith during their life. To somehow reason out in his mind that they were all culpable in their deaths and that they must no longer have faith because of it. To punish them for his grief!

    The final scene was crazy how Frank walked in and put himself in harms way, but I think that is one of the charms of this show. Frank does what he has to get things done and he didn't see a better way of dealing with it.

    Did the killer shoot himself in the end? I personally heard the weapon discharge but I saw the man being arrested a moment later. Strange. I was watching with another person who saw the same thing. Maybe it was bad editing. Not sure.

    Pretty consistent and the murders were gruesome especially the first with the fire. Another decent episode in general. Thanks for reading...