Season 2 Episode 10

Midnight of the Century

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 1997 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Lara: Here's my thing... This is a tough time of year for me. Angels are everywhere.
      Frank: I know. I've been seeing them myself.
      Lara: Yeah, cute, cuddly, flapping their wings, blowing their little horns all over place ... You know that wings on angels are something that the early church took from the Egyptian gods because people liked it?
      Frank: So these drawings are not true depictions?
      Lara: Well, it's not what I see, but from them, I get the same feeling when 'he' appears. And that's how it all started when I was a kid -- I just sort of felt them. I felt a presence around me. And then one day, a man came over to our house; he was just an out-of-town business associate of my father's. They were talking in the living room... and there he was. Standing... well, not standing... behind this man, in an intense, beautiful light. I was overwhelmed with this horrible sensation. And I went to my mom and I told her that that man was going to die today. My mom got so mad at me for saying such a thing... but he did. He had a coronary in his hotel room that afternoon.
      Frank: And you've seen and felt them ever since.
      Lara: Yeah, but I didn't talk about it much until Peter Watts approached me about the Millennium Group. See, I figured everyone saw them. But I got very clued in when my mother took me to see Father Esposito, who angrily insisted if I kept "seeing things", that I'd have to become a nun... which was a very noble calling, but... is a serious setback in a boy's interest in you. I don't know how you can prepare her, Frank. You're right: they won't just go away. And for me, it only gets more intense as I get older. He only appears to warn me of imminent danger, or to point me into the direction of evil's presence. When he appears, all my senses are heightened: everything is clear and uncluttered in my mind, and my heart... I feel like nothing can stand in my way ... But I would've done anything, anything, not to have this in my life. But Frank, look: at least she's got a father who understands, and that... that will really help her. And if there's anything I can do, ever, anytime...
      Frank: Thank you.
      Lara: But there is one thing. In the Bible... and to me... there are messengers. This was brought to your attention, and you said you'd seen angels all day. So my immediate concern isn't for Jordan, but for you."