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Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 1997 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Frank and the new Millennium Group member, Lara Means investigate the owner of a daycare center accused of committing child abuse-only to find Frank at the center of a similar investigation. Will Frank be able to solve the baffling mystery, before more children are killed?

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  • Great episode.

    So we finally get to learn more about the group. This episode was mainly about a women being accused of hurting young children. Frank knows this is not the case. When he finds out a young girl is responsible, she pretends he hit her and he gets arrested. Finally the new member Lara means comes to Franks rescue and he gets off. This episode was quite dark and evil. The plot was good but i am glad we got to learn more about the growing evil. I really like this episode and it is amoung my favourites of season 2.moreless
  • The Millennium Group agenda of seeing evil as a force and fighting it becomes clear with the introduction of the character Lara Means.

    In this episode we are introduced to Lara Means for the first time. Lara rather than Frank sees Angels instead of the demonic premonitions or visions that haunts Frank Black. However her seeing the angel always means that evil is present.

    Without knowing that the two of them are tested by the group they both have to work together to solve the case of a Kidergarten-teacher suspected of child abuse in a small town soon to realise that they are both groupmembers and that the task before them is far more complex than the usual murdercase.

    Early on in the season, this is the eposide that sets the tone for the rest of the season plot delving deaper into the Millennium Group´s thoughts of seeing evil as a force, suggesting that the group´s real agenda is to survive Armageddon.moreless
Mary Gillis

Mary Gillis

Penny Plott

Guest Star

Lauren Diewold

Lauren Diewold

Danielle Barbakow

Guest Star

Chris Owens

Chris Owens

Deputy Bill Sherman

Guest Star

Terry O'Quinn

Terry O'Quinn

Peter Watts

Recurring Role

Kristen Cloke

Kristen Cloke

Lara Means

Recurring Role

Brittany Tiplady

Brittany Tiplady

Jordan Black

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In this episode it is established through Lara Means that angels are a harbinger of evil, and coincidentally the object Danielle hits herself with is a model angel.

    • The episode quote "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" is incorrectly attributed to Henry IV, pt.2 Act 4, SC 2. The quote, in fact, comes from Henry VI, pt.2, Act 4, SC 2.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Mr. Barbakow: I convinced myself to come here today. So that I could look at and understand just what kind of a monster could do this to my little child.
      Frank: And you see one?
      Mr. Barbakow: Have you looked at yourself?
      Frank: You're seeing what you want to see. But you can't see. I've seen monsters, faces. Just like when you look in the mirror. There are monsters behind it. But even more destructive is the every day man functionaries that believe and act without questioning.
      Mr. Barbakow: You're trying to call me a monster? This is sick.
      Frank: Listen. If you walk out on this conversation, it may be the biggest mistake you've ever made in your life. It's up to you... When my daughter was born it was the most important day in my life. I had a child late-in. She came out. She looked like... Her head was shaped like a football. Looks like she traveled a thousand light years. Her hands were as wrinkled as a ninety year old man's. And everyone in that room got zapped by God. They were all jaded. Nurses and Doctors. And we were all stoned from the joy of this experience. She remembered... And I realized that I had forgotten that I was born. Thought I manufactured myself. And the gift she gave me was that from that day on I could look at every man and see a child in them. If you think that I would desecrate that or any other man or woman's... And when you look in your child's eyes, you don't see it. When you go into your daughter's room at night to put her to bed and you look in her eyes and you say goodnight and you walk out of the room. When you leave, do you feel a terrible loneliness? You're the only one who can answer that. And that is why I am appealing to you. Because there is a witch hunt in progress over here and they're not gonna understand... You can take my money. You can take my yellow house. You can take my life. But do not attempt to take my daughter from me. Especially on a lie.
      Mrs. Barbakow: No. I always believed that's what I would see Mr. Black when I looked in my daughter's eyes, but I've tried. I've lied to myself that I do. But I never had. I only see something that I don't understand. I know you didn't hit Danny. I've know it from that day because, because I heard her do it to herself... I don't know how it works. But I don't think Mr. Black should be here anymore.

    • Lara: ...after what this town has gone through, after what this country goes through every day, don't hide behind all that. Don't you want some control? Don't you want to make certain that you know the truth? Even if it's not what you want to know.

    • Gordon: Did you hit Danielle the same way you hit your daughter?
      Frank: No.
      Gordon: How did you hit them differently?
      Frank: I didn't hit anyone.
      Gordon: Is this why your wife left you? Danny's jaw is wired shut! This is what she wrote when asked how you hit her... Hand.
      Frank: Look at the alternative light imaging photograph of the girl. See my hands, there's not a mark on them.
      Gordon: For what reason did you go to Danielle Barbakow's house?
      Frank: You know why.
      Gordon: Why did you go after I dismissed you from the case?
      Frank: To prevent this from happening.

    • Catherine: I feel like I'm meeting with the other woman.
      Peter: I don't exactly how I should take that, but I'd say if you were another man we'd be punching it out right about now.
      Catherine: In my mind, Frank had an affair. He hid the truth. He had a life other than his family and he was changed in a ways that broke up that family.
      Peter: What you're talking about is done out of selfishness. What Frank did was from sacrifice, to protect his family. That is his life.
      Catherine: Then tell me. Tell me about Millennium. Tell me, so that I can understand how sacrifice means not living in the same house with your wife and daughter.
      Peter: No. I can't tell you that and I never will. You, of anyone, should know what can happen when you get to close to what we do. Catherine, there are people in this world who have a gift and no matter how hard they try to ignore it they know its true purpose. What that gift must be used for. This is who we are. Now, no matter what you've come to believe. No matter how much you're confused or have been hurt emotionally, you know that he could never do this.
      Catherine: Jordan's dentist was required by law to file a report to social services based on an unexplained injury. I tried to call Frank at the hotel and at the police station to alert him and explain.
      Peter: Frank is in trouble, he needs your help. More than just a call.
      Catherine: Frank needs my help or the Group?

    • Frank: Lara? Do you see, feel, images in your mind like I do?
      Lara: He should be a comfort but his appearance always frightens me. Not as a symptom of insanity because I believe in him but when he appears it's always a portent of evil. You know, in the New Testament they're almost absent. They show up to announce Christ's birth and then later explain his death. But, in the Old Testament they're everywhere. Angels are constant messengers. They forewarn God's wrath, announce disaster, alert the faithful of oncoming persecution. Their popularity with the Church and its followers rises and falls. Usually increasing during times of war, persecution, natural disaster. But even with the threat of nuclear war gone, cooperative global economy, major advances in every science, more people believe in and see angels than any other time in history. Something is happening Frank and there are seven hundred and ninety-seven days left.

    • Lara: I took the county census. A 125 years on both sides of Danielle Barbakow's family, we got war heroes, ministers, captains of industry.
      Frank: Huh.
      Lara: No indications of mental illness or violent tendencies...
      Frank: Thank you.
      Lara: Theyre well off. Always have been. Medical records that I have access to verify that Danielle is the biological daughter of Robert and Virginia Barbakow. Here's my thing. I don't know that we can base our suspicions on a recheck of the coroner's report. A finger-painting is no way an accurate measurement...
      Frank: It's her.
      Lara: Is that gut feeling?
      Frank: I have good instincts.
      Lara: You know, I'm the kinda shrink that when it comes to my subjects and patients. (she snaps) But when it comes to my personal life, you know, people that I thought were total creeps when I first met them turned out to be my closest friends. People that I... I liked or hit it off with, always broke my heart. So, I rely on other sources. Here, my gut says how can anyone know about, let alone commit, murder at five years old?
      Frank: It's happened. More and more.
      Lara: Has our culture bred this, this possibility? Is it violence on TV? Is she Damien? Is this girl some evolutionary mutation? And are there more of these kids, these people, coming?
      Frank: Here's my thing. Recently, I've seen, I've experienced evil. Feels like a force, like gravity, like the wind. It has blow across Cambodia. Been a cyclone in Nazi Germany. It gusts throughout Los Angeles. Danielle Barbakow is a pre-storm. A breeze of an approaching hurricane.
      Lara: There's a group that I'm involved in that you may be interested in.
      Frank: There are seven hundred and ninety-nine days remaining.
      Lara: Did you know about me?
      Frank: No. Did you know about me?
      Lara: No. You've been to the Old Man that's why you feel what you feel about the girl.
      Frank: I have no reason, yet, doubt to doubt Millennium's beliefs.
      Lara: But I'm suspicious about the way the go about it. Are we being prepared or used? Why would they send us here on opposite sides without letting us know?
      Frank: It's a test.
      Lara: To find the evil.
      Frank: And we passed.

    • Lara: Here's my thing. I think that I can trust you with what I am about to say. Okay. Look, I know that this could sound crazy, even here. But, I think.... What I think is going on here, is that...
      Frank: It's the girl.
      Lara: It's the girl.

    • Frank: If you go looking for that something that you want to find, you'll find it. You can find anything. But it may not be the truth. And that is the something you're looking for, isn't it?
      Gordon: All right, right now, the only ones who know the truth are the children.
      Frank: Yeah.

    • Lara: The Oakland Raider defense is tough against the run. Well, I'd think you'd be in Seattle preparing for your next game Mr. Warren.
      Penny: Shh.
      Lara: Here's my thing. If you don't have a warrant, anything that you're looking for, which you won't find anyway, is inadmissible. Now, Miss Penny has a class to attend to. You have to report to the DA and, oh, I'm sure we'll meet again. So, until that time, why don't you get the hell out of here?

    • Peter: You'll fly into St. Louis, take a connecter flight to Little Rock. It's about an hour and a half drive northeast to Probity. Maybe Ten thousand people. It's a small town on the brink of a calamitous event... The Millennium Group is sending you to consult for the district attorney Gordon Roberts. The caution, he's up for re-election in November.
      Frank: So no one's been arrested. No one has even been brought in for questioning. It's all accusations. What's the group's interest? Why is Millennium sending me to a small town where something might happen? If this is more than rumor, this is a horrible crime and I can't image what I would do if it happened to Jordan. But child abuse has always happened. Unfortunately, it probably always will. How is this about the end of the world?
      Peter: Just go there Frank. Find the evil. This is who we are.

    • "The first thing we do,
      let's kill all the lawyers."
      ----Henry VI, pt.2 Act 4, SC 2

  • NOTES (4)

    • Since the productions were so closely related, the guest actors for Millennium were often seen on The X-Files and vice versa. This episode features a significant number of familiar faces to X-Files fans, including Kristen Cloke (Lara Means/Melissa Rydell Ephesian in "The Field Where I Died"), Lauren Diewold (Danielle Barbakow/Emily Sim, Scully's daughter), Chris Owens (Deputy Bill Sherman/Agent Jeffrey Spender) and Robert Wisden (D.A. Gordon Roberts/Robert Patrick Modell in "Pusher" and "Kitsunegari"). Most of the rest of the cast also appeared in X-Files episodes as well.

    • This episode is set in Seattle, Washington and Probity, Arkansas.

    • When Frank and Lara go to Danielle's house to interview her, she is watching the Kurt Neumann version of The Fly (1958) starring Vincent Price.

    • This episode features the song "Goodbye Charlie" by Bobby Darin.


    • Penny: Once upon a time, there lived three little pigs. The first little pig built a house of straw...
      The second story Penny Plott reads is a variation of the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs.

    • Frank: Are you Penny Plott? My name is Chris Warren. I've just been transferred over from Seattle and I need day care for my five year old son.
      Frank claims his name is "Chris Warren." Chris Warren was a running back for the Seattle Seahawks from 1991-1997.

    • Penny: Once upon a time. There lived a chicken named Henny Penny. One day an acorn hit her on the head. 'My goodness' said Henny Penny 'the sky is falling! The sky is falling.' So she ran to tell the king...
      The first story Penny Plott reads is a variation of the fairy tale Chicken Little. She, however, leaves out the character of Chicken Little and substitutes the character of Henny Penny.

    • Episode Quote: The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.
      This quote comes from Henry VI, part 2, Act 4, Scene 2. It is incorrectly attributed to Henry IV. In the Shakespearean play, the quote is spoke by Dick in a conversation with Cade: Cade: I thank you, good people: there shall be no money;/ all shall eat and drink on my score; and I will/ apparel them all in one livery, that they may agree/ like brothers and worship me their lord.
      Dick: The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.
      Cade: Nay, that I mean to do. Is not this a lamentable/ thing, that of the skin of an innocent lamb should/ be made parchment? that parchment, being scribbled/ o'er, should undo a man? Some say the bee stings:/ but I say, 'tis the bee's wax; for I did but seal/ once to a thing, and I was never mine own man/ since. How now! who's there?