Season 1 Episode 22

Paper Dove (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 16, 1997 on FOX

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  • This episode was weird.

    Yes this episode was more weirder than most episodes. But it was still really good. We find out that a man has been kiling women and the man is approached by the photo man and the photo man asks the killer if he would take Catherine. He declines and says that someone else will. So after Frank tracks down the killer he reveals to Frank that someone is after Catherine but its too late and she gets taken in the airport and then the episode ends. I really didn't see that ending coming but it was very good nonetheless. Season two is even better.But overall that was a great season 1.
  • What a way to end the season...

    Not only does "The Paper Dove" give us one of Season 1's best serial killers (Henry Dion, played by the wonderful Mike Starr), but it also delivers a payoff to the season-long Polaroid Stalker storyline. The evil that Frank thought he had escaped has suddenly encircled him, and he realizes that his stalker is pulling the strings of another killer in order to get to Frank. We get to see some more aspects of the homefront, specifically how Frank is received by Catherine's family (probably not the ideal son-in-law), but we do see Frank approached for help by Catherine's reluctant father. The last five minutes of this episode are intense and unbelievable. I remember watching when it first aired and being so upset that I had to wait four months to see how it all turned out. All in all, a dynamite end to Millennium's very strong debut season.