Season 1 Episode 22

Paper Dove (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 16, 1997 on FOX



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    • Jordan: Oh, Mommy, isn't it beautiful?
      Catherine: Yes, it is. It's lovely.
      Jordan: Thank you.
      Adele: Origami -- it relaxes me. That isn't one of the harder ones.
      Catherine: It's beautiful, Mrs. Hunzinger.
      Adele: There's no way to say what I feel. Thank you.
      Frank: I'm glad I could help.

    • Frank: Henry Dion.
      Henry: Uh-oh... You!
      Frank: Uh-uh. Don't move, Henry.
      Henry: I won't move... She's dead. The important thing is we finally came to understand each other, isn't that right, Frank?

    • Marie: I hear my little man out there... Henri? Henri? Come in here and see your darling mama.
      Henry: Later, mom. Promise.
      Marie: Oh, sure, you promise, but how you keep when you don't know what you promise? You got to read the list, my little man.
      Henry: Okay. I'll do it when I get back.
      Marie: Don't make me get that wooden spoon, Henri... You know you hate that wooden spoon. You do it now and then I know it's done, you don't forget. Oh, don't look so glum, my little man, eh? I know how to make you smile, eh? I know how to cheer you up... Yeah, yeah, yeah... Look at that! That never fail to work! Good, now. Now, you give for me a big, big hug, come on, my big boy.

    • Henry: I'm not playing with you anymore in any way. Understand? I'll annihilate your sleep forever because I'm sure as hell going to let the public know that what's happening to them is because of you... your stupidity and Frank Black! I know about Frank Black, yes. Now, you go back and you find her, damn it! She's in those woods alone! I might as well let you know, Mr. Kane, that I intend to terrorize D.C. until there are soldiers in the streets corners.
      Kane: You're misunderstanding me.
      Henry: Do not talk to me! This city is just one small room in my playground. I've decided to take my stake in America, lay claim to my own peculiar heritage. The 'moron' is going to wander far and wide through the land and kill and kill and kill...

    • Henry: I'm not worried about it. They'll find her. It's tough terrain, but the area I told them is under a couple of hundred acres... You have to take two yellows and a blue. Now, you be a good girl and swallow for Henry... She was a listener, like you. Here. Check these... You okay down below, Mrs. S., hmmm? You make a tiddle? A big job? Need a change?... I want those back. They're my originals. I'll give you your copies the usual way... I feel good. I... I don't feel lonely, Mrs. S.
      Figure: I got a new batch.
      Mrs. Steinberg: I like to take the bus. You meet people.
      Henry: Now, these...
      Figure: That's his wife.
      Mrs. Steinberg: I never liked Scotland. Too cold. Too many drunks.
      Henry: Too bad. These aren't right. I can spot a listener.
      Figure: Keep them. You never know.
      Henry: They'll work for someone.
      Figure: Yeah. There's always someone.
      Mrs. Steinberg: In Scotland, a man threw up... in my handbag!
      Henry: Sad what age does.

    • Marie: Oh, our man cabbage! Where have you been? Oh! Sometimes a mother knows, eh? Yes, my big brute. I know where you go. With those girls, I bet, eh? Yeah, you like those girls that got that yellow hair, eh? Eh?
      Henry: No.
      Marie: Oh... Not so much for you working, eh? No. All my effort, make you learn. You think you get high grade, without me? No. You think you become a register nurse without me teach you? No. You learn. Now you have license to be nurse. But you don't work. Argh! They call. There is a job for you. Here are ten little chores for my big, hairy boy. So, where did you go?
      Henry: To the Trail.
      Marie: I teach for you that love for nature that God give us so free! Your father, he didn't love that. He didn't want to go hiking -- never! Yeah, God took him early to his grave for that! Oh, look. Ah! I made this with love. You eat it... then you call your friend.
      Henry: He called?
      Marie: Yeah, he called. He say he has lens pictures... Hmm? Ah! My big shutterbug!

    • Kane: So you think Hunzinger's wife was done by our so-called 'Big Woodsman?'
      Emmerich: There isn't a remote similarity in the M.O. The Woodsman is an abductor. He never kills in their homes.
      Frank: I think Hunzinger's wife was his first victim. When he almost got caught, he changed his M.O., abducting, taking them from the home, then killing them.
      Kane: But his signature is the same.
      Devlin: The larynx? The four women our Woodsman has killed didn't have their larynxes removed.
      Frank: In one case, the hyoid bone was destroyed, crushed with bolt cutters. In another, beaten flat with a hammer. Two others were garroted with piano wire, severing their tracheas. In each case, the aim was to stop them from speaking.
      Emmerich: 'Silence is golden?'
      Frank: He's silencing somebody he knows... his wife or his mother. Once they're silenced, they become a captive audience. Still listen, be sympathetic. That's what he wants. That's why he never disfigures their faces.
      Devlin: Do you think he's got a nagging wife? We've always pegged The Woodsman as a... loner.
      Frank: Well, he never does a blitz attack. He easily enters middle-class homes and confronts them. He's comfortable there. I think that's where he lives. I think he does not live alone.
      Kane: Amy Lee Walker.
      Emmerich: A woman fitting his basic victim profile disappeared a few days ago in Hagerstown.

    • Henry: When we came down from Quebec, I was ashamed of my accent so I worked hard to lose it. I wanted to talk like a country music D.J., you know... 'Here's a fine ol' Hank Williams for all you broken hearts out there.' I wanted to be a D.J. S- she wouldn't let me. No, I had to be what she wanted. But you know all about that. I reckon you heard my whole life story, huh?

    • Devlin: Everybody's got a theory on the increasing violence in our society.
      Emmerich: My wife thinks it's the artificial hormones in beef.
      Devlin: Seriously, is it true that some of your people think it's because of some greater evil out there?
      Kane: Yeah, I mean, that sounds almost like a religious thing.
      Frank: Yeah, some people have that belief.
      Devlin: What's your take?
      Frank: I don't think it's the beef.

    • Frank: Hunziger doesn't fit my profile on this case. He loved animals. Trained hunting dogs with his dad. Gregarious. Dated regularly. He was very popular in high school, which is where he met his future wife. Very focused on his future. That's not the man that did this.
      Emmerich: So, he's not a... loser who wet his bed and tortured his Easter bunny. A lot of men who are not serial killers murder their wives.
      Frank: Her larynx was excised, but it was done very carefully. The jugulars were not cut. He wanted her alive, but unable to speak. This indicates some organization. And some medical training. I'd like to plug in to what you might have on this victim type.
      Devlin: Okay, we'll give you what we have.

    • Henry: You see that? Historical marker. I know 'em all. Every one of 'em. All up and down the state. Battle of Chancellorsville. April 27, 1863. General Robert E. Lee and less than 60,000 men defeated General Joseph Hooker and his army of 120,000... Now, you memorize that. The facts, every word. You will be tested. Life is about a test. You must pass the test to succeed... Don't worry. I won't ever do that to you, I swear.

    • Figure: Don't you owe me thanks?
      Henry: Hell, yes, old buddy -- thanks. Primo. Tatania, Queen of the Fairies. Worth the rush.
      Figure: I wanted it done while he was here in the area. He just arrived.
      Henry: I'm with ya.
      Figure: Photos?... Enjoy.

    • "And now there is merely silence,
      silence, silence, saying
      All we did not know."
      ----William Rose Benét

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    • Character Names: Agent Emmerich and Agent Devlin
      The character names "Agent Emmerich" and "Agent Devlin" are a nod to Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin executive producers of The Visitor which was Millennium's Friday night lead-in show on Fox from 1997 to early 1998. The Visitor was canceled midway through its first season.

    • Episode Quote: And now there is merely silence, silence, silence, saying All we did not know.
      This quote comes from a poem by William Rose Benét entitled "Sagacity", "Oh, ours was all knowing then, all generous displaying./ Such wisdom we had to show./ And now there is merely silence, silence, silence saying/ All we did not know."

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