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  • Just as good as the X-Files, but not as popular.

    While often amazingly dark and depressing, Millenium was also a great show. It still looks incredible for a tv budget over ten years later. While forever known as 'The X-Files spin-off' it was never really anything of the sort. While set within the same 'universe' it dealt with more human issues, with some paranormal subjects and conspiracies occasionally included.

    Lance Henriksen was awesome and amazingly suited for this show, probably my favourite of every role he's ever been in and that's saying a lot. The rest of the cast - Megan Gallagher, Terry O'Quinn, Brittany Tiplady, Bill Smitrovich, etc. were always on top form and were great in their roles.

    The show could be horrific, gory, unsettling and had an amazing sense of dread, but also great stories. Looking back it's a bit hard to believe how much the impending Millenium was hyped up from Nostradamus's predicitions to the Millenium bug (look it up kids!).
    Like the X-Files in the first few years the arcs hadn't yet become so convoluted that there was still room for plenty of great stand-alone stories, while the arc episodes still had real weight and consequence to them. There really has not been a show quite as dark as this on tv before or since (though Dexter comes close).

    1st Season.
    Started with serial killers and monsters of the human kind and slowly trickled in some supernatural and particularly demonic threats. While ghosts and demons don't automatically have to mean Christian sensibilities (Supernatural is another show doing this), that this show took that path was never a negative in my mind (I'm not religious).

    2nd Season.
    As Frank becomes more involved with the Millenium Group he comes to realize the Group is not just an observer, elements within are trying to shape events. While this adds a more 'X-Files' like conspiracy, having more Terry O'Quinn screentime is never a bad thing. As things spiral out of control we get the most amazing season finale, which forever changes the shape of the series and the world it portrays.

    3rd Season.
    Except not quite. Chris Carter decided to retcon one of the boldest episodes of TV ever (I'm not kidding) and pretty much turns the show into the X-Files part two. This feels like a big let down and diminished the series considerably. It remained well written and looked great, but began meandering once the driving tension of the impending Millenium and what the groups were trying to do was lost.

    Bonus Finale.
    The X-Files episode: "Millenium" - while an episode of the X-Files, this tried to serve as a finale of sorts to Millenium. It didn't do justice to either show and was a fairly muddled, low-key episode, the actual season 3 finale was much better. Fairly 'skippable' I have to say. If they were ever to do a Millenium film, I kind of hope they'd pretend this didn't happen.

    Despite my disappointment that they didn't take season 3 further into the Millenium melt-down, it remains an great series.
  • Please help bring Frank Black to the big screen..or a reprisal on the small screen - This Is Who We Are : Thank YOU!

    This was an epic show that deserved a deep-rooted future. Both provoking and enlightening; unlike anything ever produced. It pushed the boundaries of television, as well as that of society. It carved into the psyche of viewers' general apathy to an ever increasing formulaic broadcast programming. No one was left unaffected. Not for the faint of heart nor of the lazy of mind.

    A solid fan base has for the last ten (10) years been forging ahead to have the protagonists of this seminal series brought back on the silver screen. deservedly so!
    As an ode to democracy, please sign the petition. Thanks!
  • After the x-files

    Millennium its a show about a man with the power to see in the eyes of the killer its a good shoiw Chris Carter came from the X-Files to this and it was fine a great show i dont know why its was cancel (Season 3) its was great i think that Millennium should have at least 4 and 5 season i dont why it weas cancelled it was great Well that's Hollywood's misteries maybe we should send Frank Black, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to investigate why such a great Tv Shows are cancelled who knows :) :) :)
  • The (Often Overlooked & Underrated) Saga of Frank Black,

    Beware: Spoilers

    Millennium. A dramatic-thriller series which delves into a multitude of genres from serial killer investigations, government conspiracy, biblical prophecy, and even some supernatural elements. A quite dark series on top of that, created by Chris Carter and aired by Fox, a small-yet-incredible piece of The X-Files universe that stands on its own. Starring Lance Henrikson, his show differs from its sibling series' long run, being cut short at three seasons (with a 'coda' crossover episode). In its entirety, this is the story of Frank Black and his daughter Jordan. And you know what...

    I absolutely love this show! I've only recently gotten into Millennium, with big thanks to the Chiller cable channel, and am now proud to say I own the series DVD set (showing both my love for the series and support for a future feature film). This mark in thriller television history took some most interesting and unexpected turns, overseen by different writers and figure-heads, but always given the blessing and support of its creator. Millennium is, as I view it, unique in that it's primarily a "family show" which happens to involve serial killer investigating and some rather blunt violence & realism, forcing me to suggest it just for adults.

    As I'm quite sure others have pointed out, each season clearly has its own distinctive style and scope. Season 1, being the first year where the cabstand writers have to find themselves, serves as a pure gritty (and at times shockingly violent) 'serial killer investigation' drama, being mostly stand-alone "killer of the week" while also supplying an underlaid over-all arc with a certain stalker of Frank's. Season 2 kicks things up a huge notch by exploring the mythology of the show's namesake Group in near-epic ways, where the conspiracy and biblical material the show can be known well for brings out all the stops. Then with Season 3, Millennium's main city venue makes the move from Seattle to Washington D.C., where Frank gets back to his roots and lets his feelings for the Group be very clear as he starts working with a new partner.

    While I love Seasons 1 and 3, Season 2 may in fact by my favorite of the show. I know the story heads and main writers, Morgan & Wong, get a heck of a lot of flak for their new direction to the show, but dang... The stakes to Frank's journey are raised so considerably and the turns Millennium takes in its mythology exploration are downright incredible, displaying its best overall season arc IMHO. I'm not gonna knock off Season 3 though, while its own new direction may take some getting used to at first, it continues to elevate the rising stakes in a more underlaid and yet continually intriguing manner as the clock to the year 2000 seriously ticks down. I also get a joy out of the complex Emma, whom while I don't like as much as Frank's wife Catherine, becomes a great partner to Frank and thus holds quite a shock in the series finale.

    Other pivotal characters include, as already mentioned, Frank's wife Catherine. A more stunning and brilliant actress couldn't have been selected, 'nough said. The character of Peter Watts, whom ultimately goes from Frank's liaison to the group to his best friend, is in my view the most fascinating character of the series. While there's a considerable gap to his character development between the second and third seasons, his development and evolution proves to be incredible and for where his story ultimately ends up, it doesn't disappoint IMO. Frank and his perfectly-cute daughter, Jordan, serve as the two main characters from the very beginning to the very end, therefore I'd argue Millennium is just as much their story as anybody's, I'd say their relationship is one all fathers to young girls could admire.

    On the whole and in the end, Millennium is a very dark series that like other fantastic shows such as Angel, Firefly, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, was canceled in its prime long before its time. It really wasn't afraid to hold anything back, pulling no punches if ya' wanna put it that way, as any character could die. I am absolutely in love with it and would be on cloud 9 if a feature film were made, as there's always more room to explore. I always somehow get tears in my eyes, and yes I'm a guy, when watching the last few minutes of the series finale, "Goodbye to All That". Even though the show finishes months before the year 2000, "May 21st, 1999" to be exact, it's just such a poignant and beautiful moment during the final exchange between Frank and his little girl.

    Luckily, while there aren't yet any feature film plans, we did get a sort of continuation and conclusion beyond the series finale. The X-Files Season 7 episode, appropriately titled "Millennium", features the return and final appearances of Frank Black (and his daughter Jordan, though really only a cameo in her case) approximately 7 months after the finale as the year 2000 is finally reached, a 'coda' crossover that's beautifully enough included on Season 3's last disc. Now this episode gets more than its fair share of flak IMO for how matters with Frank, or rather the Group mostly, are handled. However, I was surprisingly pleased, enjoying the episode on more than one viewing, even if it may be on a X-Files level of weirdness. It offers some decent enough closure beyond the show's finale in my view and that final scene between Frank and Jordan... it's just absolutely perfect to finally see them together, without the threat of the Group on them, and no longer having to go on the run.

    The saga of Frank Black is not to be missed if you value unbelievably profound, beautiful, & gripping story telling. I fully recommend it, 10 stars~
  • Awsome

    This Tv Show i dont get it it was an awsome show why it was cancelled?
    Season 1 was a hit like when i watch The X-Files Season 1 both on two nights this show was addictive to me so good then Season 2 rocks with the devil thing id like it most.
    Then i believe that Season 3 like it was a leak but good anyway for me a Season 4 would be good to seal the saga its nos like i dont like Season 3 but the end was like "And...?"
    Anyway great TYv Show to bad it was cancel and end the way it end
  • The Show of the Millennium

    Millennium was an excelent show to bad that on Season 3 it was done it was so excelenet the stories about a man than can see evil on the eyes of the killers
    Season 1 was the start a lot of cases and little plots and the season final whan his wife is kidnapped excelentt
    Season 2 was the middle excelent job and new plots but Katherine's death i take it bad why her? why?!?
    Season 3 disspointed me a little bit like "Ok last season" and they dont put the right direction to end the show correctly i hjeard about Season 4 on Internet episodes online or something but well its ok
    Nice show but it was destroy
  • Frank Black rules!

    Frank Black a retired FBI agent, who has special abilities to see into the dark dark minds of criminals. He enters the Millennium group hoping to help catch these criminals but instead finds the group's deviousness before the new Millennium dawns. I loved watching this show. The first season was great. I have started wathcing the second one and it look great also. You can see a change of route due to the producer switch. I am still hooked anyway and can't wait to buy the third one. I don't understand why it did not last has long has X-Files. I want it back! A movie would be nice to conclude all three fabulous seasons.
  • Underappreciated, influential and to this day still one of the best dramas ever made.

    Despite an oft opinied diminishing level of quality this show stands out as example of what is best and worst in television. The first season excellent, the second sublime and the the third a shadow of what had come before - the missing real world fourth season could have been the what TV was needing, and what it now has today in spades. If you watch Lost, CSI, Jericho or even Battlestar Galactica you have to check out this show. Dark, deep, intense and mythological this show was doing it over a decade ago and in many cases even better. Buy it on DVD, download it, check it out, or watch it again - just in case the owls are right!
  • A crime drama, created by Chris Carter, which is much better than most of the other shows in the genre. While not as well-known or easily accessable as The X-Files, Millennium is a much better series, and much more rewarding.

    In 1993, Chris Carter created the series The X-Files, which became a huge hit on TV. Carter's other series never received the recognition that they deserved, but in the case of Millennium, the three seasons were some of the best television seasons that I've ever seen.

    It's kind of difficult to define the series as a specific genre due to its very complicated history. In its first season, it was created as a crime drama. The first episode sets up the background of the series, in which Frank Black, a retired FBI agent, moves to Seattle in order to live with his family without harm from the harsh world they live in. However, Frank gets contacted by a group of people called the Millennium group. These people are retired FBI agents, cops, and other similar people, who work as consultants for crime investigations. It is shortly discovered that the reason that the group chose him was because of his above average investigation skills, which is largely due to his "gift" of being able to get inside of a killer's mind and get an understanding of what he has done, and what he will do next.

    The first season is probably the hardest season to watch due to the very dark nature of the episodes. However, for people who are willing to sit through the episodes, they will be rewarded with some great episodes portraying many very creepy killers. But these killers aren't the only great things about the season. There was a hint at the coming apocalypse, as well as some supernatural elements, which weren't nearly as prevalent as in The X-Files, but were still there, especially towards the end of the season. Also, the acting, writing, directing, music, and pretty much everything else that a show is made up of is great. I'm not a fan of crime dramas, and only have seen a few episodes here and there of those kinds of shows (nothing really grabbed my attention), but this season had me hooked from the start. The main problems that I had with the first season was the under-developed, under-used characters, as well as the extremely dark nature of the season, which adds a unique feeling to the show, and goes along with the stories that are being presented, but also makes it very tough to get through.

    After the first season, Chris Carter became busy with the fifth season of The X-Files, as well as the X-Files movie. This placed him in a difficult position. He ended up letting Glen Morgan and James Wong take over the show while he took over things on The X-Files. However, to the disgust of Chris Carter and some of the fans, they changed the series into something that it wasn't originally meant to be. The second season became much more experimental in terms of the kinds of story that were told. It focused much less on the crime stories presented in the first season, and focused much more on different religious themes, was much more entertaining than the first season (added more comedy and drama instead of having a heavy, dark feeling throughout the season, although many of the episodes were still very dark), and developed the characters a lot more.

    While I can easily understand why some people hated this season, it is my favorite season of the series. The stories are almost all great, and even the worst of the season was still pretty entertaining. The acting, directing, and other elements that were great in the first season are even better here. Some of the episodes and scenes are some of the most briliant that I've seen on television.

    In the third season, Chris Carter kicked Morgan and Wong out of their positions, and tried to fix the "mess" that he was left with in the second season. While I didn't mind another change (despite not agreeing with Carter's opinions on the second season), the fact that they didn't know what to do with the show hurt the overall quality at the start of the third season. There still weren't any terrible episodes within this part of the series, and some of them were great, but the uncertainty of where they wanted to take the show was reflected through the episodes. They wanted to take the series back to the crime drama that it was before, but they wanted to also try not to alienate the fans that the second season had picked up. As a result, the beginning seemed too torn by its own history, and it wasn't until they stepped away from trying to get back to its roots, and just made a third identity for the show, that the series finally started to become great again. In fact, during this period, the episodes were so great that they even rivaled some of the second season episodes.

    While the three seasons seemed to be very different from each other, part of what makes me love the series is what they all do while working as one. While looking at the series at a whole, the first season's under-developed characters seem to be a kind of base for the story-arcs of the different characters. Without the unofficial partnership between the characters of Peter Watts and Frank Black, Peter's 2nd season and 3rd season stories wouldn't be as great as they are, because it sets up a kind of trust and respect between the two, which is used as a part of the conflict that the character goes through. Without the great scenes between Frank and his wife Catherine, the developments that happen later on are made even more meaningful than they would be. The first season sets up some nice moments for Frank's daughter Jordan, which is strongly developed within the later seasons of the show. These, and some of the other series-long elements, add a lot to the series, and creates a kind of unity within the series that wouldn't otherwise be there due to the huge differences between the seasons.

    Millennium isn't a series for everybody, and despite its huge quality, I'm surprised that it lasted as long as it did. Not only was the first season one of the darkest seasons that I've seen on TV, and probably one of the darkest ever, but the huge changes made in later seasons were understandably hated by some of the show's fans. Each of the seasons to me presents 3 very unique experiences that I couldn't have gotten from any other series. Besides the short stumble at the beginning of the third season, there was only one problem that I had with the series as a whole, and that is the fact that the show wasn't given the chance to go into a fourth season.
  • Before CSI, Criminal Minds and The Da Vinci Code, there was MILLENNIUM

    I absolutely loved this show when it first aired and I was in middle school. I've got the series on DVD and rediscovering it has been a blast. The scripts are taut, the production values are outstanding (especially the music, a gloomy Celtic lilt to the proceedings) and the acting is superb. Unlike so many cookie cutter crime dramas today, cases do not always wrap up nicely; there is no bouncy, 20-something ensemble to draw in viewers and the stories challenge you, rattle you and don't let you go. Granted, it did take a dive in quality when new producers took the reins in Season 3, but in a testament to the quality of the show, even some episodes out of this sub-par season are still better than a lot of other TV.

    It's amazing how trend-setting it was in style and subject matter. The flashback techniques of "imagining the crime" are evident today in shows like "Criminal Minds." And the fervor today over religious thrillers like Dan Brown's books and others postdates some top-notch "Millennium" episodes. If the show were on today, it might have a better run, but would probably have to tone down the violence and content to get on the air.

    Lance Henriksen is fantastic. He's so in character it's scary, and Frank Black is one of my favorite TV characters of all time. His calm, unflinching demeanor in the wake of the chaos and violence is powerful. And his supporting cast? Terry O'Quinn (now getting his due as an actor), Bill Smitrovich, Megan Gallagher, Kristen Cloke, so many others.

    If you're a fan of crime dramas, check out "Millennium," because you ain't seen nothing yet.
  • A dark and disturbing show that stays with you, even after you have stopped watching it

    Chris Carter, most famous for the X-Files, had one other major TV hit in the late 1990s with Millennium, a show that centered around retired FBI profiler Frank Black. Frank has a gift or a curse - depending on your point of view, I suppose, that allows him to "see" into the minds of killers. Each episode centers around Frank using his particular skill to help apprehend a villain. There are overarching themes that are explored throughout the show, such as the nefarious Millennium group, but at the end of the day it's really all about Frank. Lance Henriksen is simply phenomenal in this role. The gruesome subject matter makes this show slow to digest - it's not a show that you can watch a marathon of episodes back to back. The viewer needs time to recover from the shock of the previous episode. This means it's probably a little to dark for folks with more mainstream palettes, which is why I have it ranked where I do, and helps to explain why it only lasted a few seasons. That said, it lays the groundwork for later crime based dramas, such as Law & Order and CSI. It's a cutting edge show, check it out if you can tolerate the disturbing subject matter.
  • This is one of the best drama series on television. Period. MillenniuM takes in the darkness, uses it to it's full extent, and it's creators ignore the criticism (if it had any)!

    Millennium and The X-Files work side by side when it comes to entertaining people in the sci-fi realm. You just can't get much better than this. From serial killers to biblical prophecies, Millennium takes you to that place where you just get so engrossed. You just wonder when you'll get scared, and sometimes that happens quite often without notice. Frequent scares, creepy soundtracks and other things make Millennium a great show, and alongside The X-Files, Chris Carter knows exactly how to make a great show a greater show. Mr. Carter went to great lengths to ensure that Millennium made it to where it was supposed to, and make it up there with The X-Files. Millennium, with out a doubt, is one of the best television shows ever made.
  • The Milennium approaches... At the time, everyone was waiting for the airing of this show. By the same creators that brought you The X Files, this show is very psychological and grips you right in your seat. One of the best sci-fi shows of all time!

    The Millennium Group: a group of retired FBI agents who now consult for the bureau on the most gruesome, twisted and nerve-racking cases people have ever set their eyes upon. They are a shadowy organisation that tolerates no enemies and will do whatever it takes to prevent the end of the world - the prophecy that they live by. Believing that the world as we know it will end come the new millennium, they set out to stop and prevent evil. Enter: Frank Black.

    Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) is a retired FBI serial-profilier who moves back to Seattle to escape the horrors he saw during his work with the bureau. Now, he works with the Millennium Group as a consultant. However, it is never that easy, for Frank has the ability to see through the eyes of evil - he sees what the killer sees. "It's my gift, my curse". The first season establishes the characters. The second season sees a more in-depth look at the Millennium group. The third season is all-out war! For when a virus is released at the end of the second season, killing everyone in it's wake (including Frank's wife Catherine), Frank quits working for the Millennium Group and sets out to expose them for what they are, whilst trying to look after his daughter Jordan.

    Filled with some of the greatest stories and evils that brought a whole new level to terror, Millennium is a psychological marvel at mystery and fiction.
  • One of the best shows ever made.

    I know that many would not agree with this but Millennium was fantastic. Its such a shame that it has faded away over the years. Chris Carter did a great job of getting the show on its feet. The story was that retired serial profiler Frank Black has to abilty to see in to the minds of serial killers. Frank joined the mysterious Millennium group, but as the show goes go we find out that the Millennium group many actually be working to end the world at the millenium. So after the death of Franks wife (Catherine) Frank begins to work against the group because he fears that they were involved somehow. This show did so much is the three years that it was on. Simply put Millennium should have done series four. Overall this show has remained as one of my favorates. It combined Horror and thrills together so great. I definatly advise you to buy the show on DVD and find Millennium for your self.
  • Amazing... how it still is current...

    long ago, before CSI, 24, Lost, Prison Break and many other Tv Shows, there was X-files and Chris Carter. Chris Carter was the reason why Millennium ended at season 3, but also the reason why it began.
    I saw the Show last year by boughting the dvds and I say with 100% sure that if the show was brodcast today it would had last longer... Amazing Lance, Amazing Terry O'Quinn... and all the cast.
    Sometimes gory, sometimes suspensefull... Millenium was one of the best shows that I've ever seen.....
  • Better than any other crime series

    While CSI and Law and Order are repetitive and overhyped, Millennium is the only crime show that I can actually be wrapped up in because it has more of a reality in it, with a great dark mysterious twist within it.

    The Millennium Group's alterior motive, some may call it a cult, was also a very interesting twist as the series progressed and we see Group members such as Peter Watts get more and more evil as he continues despite the knowledge of the Millennium Group executing people and accepts this while Frank Black is his opposite as he gets more and more paranoid as the Millennium Group seems more and more like the enemy.

    The mystery, darkness and gift are all great themes in the show and I think it was cancelled at the right time, three entertaining seasons, any more may have caused it to go downhill.
  • first season was good

    the first season of this show was pretty good. but it went downhill from there. i thought the premise was good. i think it might have been a little ahead of its time. i think it could hold its own today against the likes of medium, ghost whisperer, and supernatural.
  • A perfect example of how EXTRAORDINARY series television can be!

    I watched this from the pilot to the final show, deterred only by the work schedule. At first I tuned in because of the promos and the fact that it is a Chris Carter creation, having gotten pretty thoroughly hooked on the first 4 seasons of \"X-Files\". If there are any weaknesses in this show, they are minor, and often have to do with some nonsensical dialog, which is very easily forgiven in light of the overall superlative quality. The casting, direction, photography, etc., are always spot-on.

    Having seen that quality like this is possible, I am having some difficulty understanding why \"reality\" TV has replaced so much good drama ... on the other hand, I can remember numerous contemporaries who seemed to have no interest in television programs that required them to pay attention to the story and sequences of events.

    Although I miss \"Millennium\", I am grateful that it ended when it did, before the quality of the stories began to suffer. Besides, I have all 3 seasons on DVD ...
  • Chris Carter's post-X-Files endeavor arguably trumps his first supernatural crime drama in practically every way, with a significantly more interesting premise, darker material, and a delightfully morbid lead character in Lance Henriksen's Frank Black.

    Millenium was the work of X-Files creator Chris Carter, and the show debuted around the time that X-Files was sort of at its peak popularity. It makes sense--television this good never gets greenlit unless it's the pet project of a hot producer riding the wave of something much more popular. The show followed the morbid crime solving adventures of Frank Black, played with sullen perfection by perhaps the most underrated actor ever, Lance Henriksen. Frank is a former FBI agent that burned out and retired after a serial killer (or perhaps a copycat following a similar MO) begins stalking and sending polaroids of Frank's wife and daughter to him. Frank also has a unique ability--he can literally put himself inside the head of a killer, and see what he sees.

    At the outset of the series, Frank has moved from DC back to his home area of Seattle, and hooked up with a group of former law enforcement types called the Millenium Group. These folks consult with various law enforcement agencies on particular evil crimes. It's sort of like the Super Friends of criminal profilers, pathologists, forensic experts and investigators. Through the first season, you get to know Frank, his wife and daughter, his assorted cohorts within the Millenium Group (including his most frequent contact, Peter Watts, played by Lost star Terry O'Quinn and his always amazing moustache), and friends within the Seattle PD.

    The series starts off similarly to the way the X-Files did. There's an underlying plot with Frank dealing with the ghosts of his past, feeling his way through his membership with the Millenium Group, and trying to figure out who it is, exactly, that's stalking his family. Most of this is downplayed originally, and the episodes are decidedly...well, episodic, in nature. A lot of disconnected cases that range from a deranged pharmaceutical chemist that uses clinical trials to make people crazy, to a geneticist that uses a special technique to create dozens of children in his own image so as to create the perfect society after the world comes to an end in the year 2000 (and is only discovered after some of them start killing themselves via self-immolation, among other things).

    While the year 2000 isn't nearly the enigmatic danger that it might have seemed when the series debuted in 1996, it made for a very intriguing backdrop for many of the series' storylines at the time. In fact, the Millenium Group itself turned out to be more than a simple consulting group as the show went on. More and more the show took on intriguing religious prophecies, demonology, and ponderances as to what, if anything, would happen when the year 2000 finally hit. Season 2 probably hit the most right notes when it came to its subject matter, as it took the series into darker, more engaging territory. Season 3 flew off the rails a bit, going into territory that sometimes seemed like a more watchable (but still flawed) version of the X-Files season where Robert Patrick showed up. Saying more than that would spoil the whole outcome of the series, as well as several key twists. But needless to say, Millenium ended well before it should have. The last episode comes almost out of nowhere, and while the conclusion itself is far more satisfying than most series finales tend to be (especially in contrast to the atrocious X-Files finale), you really wanted to know more about the motives of everyone involved in this gloomy tale.

    Amid the armageddon prophecies and serial killers, Millenium also had a legitimate heart to it. Scenes of violence and horror are frequently contrasted by scenes of Frank and his family. Henriksen, and Megan Gallagher, who plays his wife, Catherine, have amazing chemistry together. Henriksen often plays Black as a brooding fellow with little in the way of sense of humor, but when he gets around Catherine and his daughter, Jordan (played with utterly non-cloying precociousness by Brittany Tiplady), his ability to warm up and mesh as a father and husband is unbelievably natural. It makes some of the particularly ugly revelations later in the series exceptionally emotional.

    Millenium never really found an audience during its three seasons, but it's a shining example of what crime drama can be when done well. It's stylish and substantial, and remains that way throughout. Where the X-Files went on and on and on well past its welcome, Millenium kept it short and sweet. Maybe that was, on some level, purposeful, since the show did end in 1999. But even barring the backdrop of the Millenium, the misadventures of Frank Black could have sustained a series well past the year 2000 gimmick. It's just a shame it never got the chance. If you're the type that likes your crime drama black as a black cat in an unlit midnight hour, and with a little bit of supernatural edge to it, go find Millenium on DVD, and give it the chance it never got on network TV.
  • Iloved this show.Not only did I watch it every Friday til the end, but my grandma also did. And we both loved it! It was very intellectual, captivating, and dark but in an interesting and alluring way.

    This show is genius. I was always on the edge of my seat wondering what came next. It really makes you think about the future and ancient beliefs. There were a few times I surfed the web on topics from the show. I think people not interested in the show thought it too dark, or just didn't understand it. That show impressed me and my 61 year old grandma. And my grandmother is NOT a tv person. Please make a movie so we can have some closure. Maybe the Millenium wasn't what we thought it was supposed to have been.
  • comments, episode critics

    first of all, anyone who uses any pictures other than their own to post comments on any website \'have serious personal problems\'. Second, ALL first and second season episodes were a 9.0 except for season three which is why the network cancelled it. If Chris Carter had stayed out of it, it probably would have continued for a few more years.
  • MillenniuM, created by Chris Carter, really excelled when he had nothing to do with it.

    Since The X-Files began I was always a fan of it. As the series went on however, the episodes just got less and less interesting to me. Seasons 1-3 really highlight what was good about the show, the rest can pretty much be forgotten. MillenniuM was in my opinion a far better show. Each season underwent drastic change rather than dishing out the same old crap and it's one of the only shows in television history that's ever really reached me on an emotional level. When Frank Black and his family were in trouble, I felt nervous. When a character died, I felt truly sad. One of the most cinematic shows to ever reach the television medium. Chris Carter should be given a lot a credit for beginning this show, but all my love stems from the team of Morgan and Wong. Carter's writing on various episodes never really seemed to take the series anywhere, much how I feel about the X-Files as it progressed through around season 5 or so. Morgan and Wong were brilliant, writing nearly every episode of Season 2 and really taking the series in a completely different and much better direction than the still fantastic season 1. Easily one of the best shows ever on T.V., so go out and buy the DVDs. Unfortunately the series ended before the actual millennium and Chris Carter's awful writing on the "MillenniuM" episode of the X-Files never gave the show the closure that it so deserved. However Lance Henriksen and Terry O'Quinn are simply amazing along with an equally talented cast that really suck you into the shows pre-Y2K world of betrayal and end-times prophecies.
  • Millenium. A must-see. A show ahead of it's time.

    If you have no interest in the paranormal or in prophecies, then this show isn't for you. But for those who believe, or are entertained by the belief that there is something out there that is bigger than just what the eye can see, this is the perfect show. Lance Henriksen is perfect as Frank Black, and the series itself would be flawless, were it not for a few episodes that could easily be construed as "ridiculous". (Such as the one that takes place on the set of a slasher film, with Kiss as it's headliner...) For the most part, the show is quite serious. The X-files was once a show about several cases, but eventually, it was all about the same old thing. Where the X-files failed, Millenium succeeded. Every episode was fresh and most were very well-written. It keeps you drawn into it, you rarely want to get out of your seat. You actually CARE about what happens to the show's main characters, especially Frank. I think this is possibly the best and most captivating show to have been on television. And if you're interested in prophecies, the paranormal, psychics, etc,. - it's very educational, too! Definately a must see!
  • Millenium was Chris Carter's much anticpated follow up to the X-Files it debuted in 1996 and was well received by critics, but it would always be in the shadow of The X-Files.

    Millennium followed former FBI profiler Frank Black and his relocation of him and his family to Seatle. However, once there he is once again working for the law.... sort of. He is working for the Millennium Group, a group of people who investigate especially grisly murders. The first season was much different from seasons two and three. Season one played more like a police drama, that occasionally would revert to the style Chris Carter uses in the X-Files [aka developing an ongoing plotline.] At the beginning of Season two C.C. handed Millennium over to Glen Morgan and James Wong. Morgan and Wong took the show into more of a surrealistic science fiction show much like X-Files. Several episodes developed the main story arc further introducing several new elements. This didn't sit well with many fans. At the beginning of Season 3 C.C. decided to take over again, but season 3 would be the shows final season. Overall, Millennium is one of the most underrated and underappreciated shows of all time. It would always sit in the shadow of C.C.'s other masterpiece The X-Files. But Millennium was a completely different show. It was more serious, more emotional, and most importantly more realistic. The only negative things about the show would be the interaction between Frank Black and his wife and daughter don't seem real genuine. And if your of the faint of heart stay away. The show's first season has some of the most brutal and grisly stories ever.
  • Dark, gritty drama from Chris Carter, mastermind.

    I never saw "Millennium" during its run on FOX but I caught occasional pieces of it when my mom would watch. I loved "The X-Files" but never got a chance to become familiar with this show.

    Thank goodness for DVDs and Netflix. Just last week I started watching this show and I'm now hooked. I daresay it's better than "The X-Files". The first season's serial-killer-of-the-week format can get a bit tired sometimes but the killers are always very interesting. The main cast is also very talented. It also pays off visually, in both color tone and what is shown.

    Supposedly this show gave several people nightmares, and FOX executives who watched the uncut episodes had nightmares really bad, but frankly this show is not that scary. But this is coming from a guy who hasn't been scared by "The X-Files", "The Amityville Horror", "The Grudge", or anything else like that. The show is indeed dark, dark enough to make you feel tired if you don't take breaks every few episodes. However, it's definitely worth anyone's time.

    Any fans of "The X-Files", "The Inside", and a variety of other dark dramas should give this show a chance. It is definitely worth it.
  • Lance Henriksen the only reason to watch Millennium

    LH as Frank Black was riveting and deserved the three emmy nominations he received for the role (he should have won)however Millennium was just too gruesome for my tastes. I would watch the movie (if it ever gets made) but only because LH.
    I only hope the material won't be so dark (I know, Millennium is darkness).
  • Darkness in it's purest form ...

    This is a brilliantly written, thoroughly compelling exploration of 'evil' in both its human and supernatural incarnations; ultimately these two elements are cleverly and inextricably linked.
    With incredible casting and filming Millennium proves itself to be a series unlike many others. Each episode presents itself in a very separate and interesting way like a morbid Columbo for the 90's. There is a dark and sharp feel to this series that is so different and original when compared with similar efforts in the crime/sleuth genre.

    Last but not least is Mr. Lance Henriksen. A magnificent actor in his own right shines in this series. If you love his other notably creepy appearances in a wide variety of television and film, this show will be the icing on your cake.

    I found each episode to be thought provoking and incredibly addictive. A great series that can be viewed again and again.
  • Frank Black has a gift for tracking down serial killers. He's tried to retire in the Seattle area but the murders keep calling him back.

    A very dark and gritty show which probably would never get aired today since it doesn't try to gloss over the perversion of serial homicide. The show and lead character lend nicely to Lance Henriksen's special gift for playing spooky characters. This time he's searching down serial killers who seem a little too common, a new one pops up every week and trying to protect his family. Someone's been following them. This is a great, eerie show which went way before it's time.
  • Frank Black a retired FBI agent, who has special abilities to see into the dark dark minds of criminals. He enters the MillenniuM group hoping to help catch these criminals but instead finds the group's deviousness before the new Millennium dawns.

    I loved watching this show. It's what has gotten me hooked on Lance Henriksen movies. I religiously watched this tv show every week to see what new stories Chris Carter cooked up. I want it back! Although I know it's not coming back, I would like to see a movie done with this show. Love Love Love...