Season 2 Episode 16

Roosters (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 1998 on FOX



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    • The Group Elder: The position, in which, life begins... is that, in which, it ends... And that, in which it will return. There is an end/Of Wrong and Death and Hell. When the long wear of Time and Suffering... Has effaced the stain/Ingrown upon the soul, and the cleaned spirit... Long ages floating on the wandering winds/Or rolling deeps of Space, renews itself/And doth regains it dwelling... Time calls and Change commands both men and gods... And speeds us on... We know not whither; But the old Earth smiles/Spring after Spring... and the seeds burst again. And the dead lives renew themselves... And rise aloft and soar... Clothing themselves with change... Till the last change... be done.

    • Lara: Which side do you believe?
      The Old Man: My family... were wealthy Poles. I was smuggled out of Europe and sent here. My mother and father came to me... at the moment Rudolph Axmann had them gassed at Auschwitz. I've seen the end of the world.

    • The Old Man: You know this? Wagner's "Parsifal". A young man is brought to the sight of the Holy Grail, but he don't quite get it. So he wanders 'round acquiring wisdom and experience and becomes King of the Knights. I hear this every night before I go to bed. Well, parts of it. The damn thing's five hours long, or somethin'. Ain't it beautiful?Even though, for me, it's tarnished. When Adolph Hitler made a personal pilgrimage to Wagner's grave, emotional, he believed he could make a religion out of "Parsifal". And... unfortunately... he did.

    • The Old Man: There's not a single member of the Group that didn't... pass... by my home. That I didn't teach... what we are about. Not you, Frank... or you, Lara. Watts. Every Patron. Every Elder. Not that I'm so special, mind you. I had my teachers. I was guided toward enlightenment. And they had their teachers, I guess. A circle, that's how it goes... when things work right. Every single one of you, no matter how many decades have gone by... no matter how much closer we are to the Millennium... I can still see, feel, that moment... the magic of enlightenment... each member attained. I could feel it, like when it happened to me. And in that moment, the belief I'd feel, that we had another soldier in the fight. And the sadness, too, that anyone even had to live with such a responsibility. And now it's in ruins. Millennium became what we fight against. Damned Owls and Roosters. Power and control. The world will end in 658 days... if we fail to act now.

    • Peter: The Catholics and Protestants of Northern Ireland believe in Christ as Lord. But for over thirty years they've taken each other's lives, lost any national direction or progress... because the split lost religious or political ideology, it became about who will control who. That is what is happening here. And that is not who we are.
      Mr. Otto: No, I'm not ashamed to say it is about control. How many times can you cry wolf? If the Roosters are given the lead to prepare the public and direct them toward nonsensical biblical prophecies, the world will disbelieve, overlook, and be unprepared for the catastrophic astronomical event which we know, beyond a doubt, will occur six decades from now... and no one will survive. Not my family. Not a single member of the human race. And that is worth dying for. And that is worth killing over.

    • Gunsche: (German, subtitled) You must be very happy.
      Axmann: (German, subtitled) I have one last enemy to defeat. But, yes, after seventy five years, centuries, really... we have won.

    • The Elder: I've been where you're at, Peter. I spent ten years at the level of Patron. You empathize with your candidate's doubt. Condole their fear. Elate at their revelation. You can't experience these emotions with another person and not feel close to them. But until a candidate becomes initiated and... comprehends the secrets we accept... the affinity is a one way street. If they were all accepting and trusting of the Millennium Group before knowing who we are... we wouldn't want them as a member.

  • Notes

    • At the funeral, there are twelve Millennium members gathered around the burial site in a semi-circle, holding candles. The number 12 has been used before, such as the 12 rocks around the entrance to the shack in "Beware of the Dog."

    • The Blutfahne (Blood Banner or Blood Flag) was the flag of the 5th SA Sturme that was covered in blood during the failed Nazi Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923. It was used by Hitler to 'consecrate' other new party colors (flags, banners, etc.). He would touch them with one hand while holding the Blutfahne with the other. The Blutfahne was last seen in public at the funeral of Adolf Wagner in April 1944. It was kept in Munich and is generally believed to have been destroyed during allied bombings.

    • Features the song "Prelude to Parsifal" by Richard Wagner.

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