Season 2 Episode 22

The Fourth Horseman (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 08, 1998 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Peter: The blood test you were given indicate the presence of genetically altered Ebola virus.
      Frank: Yeah.
      Peter: There is also evidence of prions, which in nature have no R.N.A; they're not alive. But in your body there are prions with R.N.A.
      Frank: Exactly. Someone gave these prions life.
      Peter: But the report says they're inactive.
      Frank: Life was taken away from these creatures to render a vaccine. It's a D.N.A vaccine against the disease that killed Mogilny by the river. And it's out there... spreading. But you and I were given a vaccine... by the Millennium Group.
      Peter: In quarantine? I don't recall anything but blood being drawn.
      Frank: All right - a team came in. They weren't hospital doctors. They gave us the vaccine while appearing to be taking blood from us. So we wouldn't suspect. It's an old magician's trick. It's all an illusion, Peter. The Millennium Group's an illusion. Ceremonies and secrets that only certain members can understand? Collecting the Cross of the Crucifixion? Ancient text for future prophecies? It's all a diversion... sleight of hand. Distraction from the problems they're trying to control. This is not about the end of the world, it's about controlling the world... and that's not who I am, and...I believe... not who you are, Peter.
      Peter: They came to me at a time in my life when evil... there's no other word for it... had lost all proportion with the rest of the world around me. I was witness to crimes that had no basis in human motivation. There has to be something more to it than just us! There has to be! It all has to lead in some inevitable direction, Frank... I believe that. Their answers touched on all my questions. I believe it then, I believe it now!
      Frank: The Group, Peter, knows that there is an infectious man-made agent. And if reports are correct, it's a plague that can travel the world in a matter of days, killing people in seconds!
      Peter: You said we were vaccinated against this agent.
      Frank: Why didn't they want us to know that? The Group is not the solution, it's the problem, Peter.
      Peter: I'm not gonna leave the Group.
      Frank: Then investigate it with me... question your faith. If I'm wrong... and it's confirmed... you're stronger.
      Peter: If they found out that I was doing that... a made member investigating the Group... they would kill me.
      Frank: If I'm right we'll save lives.
      Peter: Tomorrow morning... at 4:13 AM... a 5.2 earthquake will hit the Seattle area.
      Frank: How can you know that?
      Peter: The same way we knew the Kobe, Japan quake would occur a year to the day after the Northridge quake. We knew where to look. And there shall be great earthquakes in various places and famine, and pestilence, and there shall be fearful sights. And great signs from Heaven. If this occurs will you accept an offer to become a full member of the Millennium Group? No more questions. No more doubts.