Season 2 Episode 8

The Hand of Saint Sebastian

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 1997 on FOX
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The Hand of Saint Sebastian
Peter wants to find out more about the origins of the Millennium Group and together he and Frank travel to Germany. Together they set out on a dangerous mission to track down 'The Hand of Saint Sebastian', an ancient relic that promises to save the world from millennial disaster...moreless

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      • Peter: His body is covered with tattoos. I look at this man and I wonder. He fought the same fight we waged today. Did he have the knowledge that we lack? The knowledge to overcome the evils of the millennium? And did he have the foresight to pass that information on to us? Are these tattoos merely decorations or, are they secrets to be deciphered? What does he say to you, Frank?
        Frank: He had the knowledge, Pete, but it's inside him. And I think that's what he's saying... It's inside us. We just have to find it for ourselves.

      • Frank: Who do you work for? How much did they pay you to sell your soul? Not enough to kill us. You set up Watts to destroy the credibility of the Group. I got it. What's so important about this body?
        Andrews: What does your gift tell you, Frank?
        Frank: Tells me that this was a test of the heart... and you failed.

      • Andrews: This is an outrage! Peter Watts was an assistant director at the F.B.I. for ten years. He led the International Task Force on Crime for three of those years. He's a senior member of the Millennium Group! And I don't care what evidence you think you have! You have the wrong man!
        Captain: Miss Andrews, Dr. Schlossburg identified Mr. Watts as his attacker prior to being murdered. We place him at the hospital via video surveillance before the crime.
        Andrews: Take care of this. I want him out. You were supposed to apprise me of the situation. We were then to decide a cause of action. Now he's in deep, and so are you. They say you were excavating a body. Where is it?
        Frank: We were getting very close to finding out who's behind all of this."
        Andrews: "I want to know everything, Frank.
        Frank: There's a public storage building near the waterfront on Rastede. Meet me there tonight in a couple of hours.
        Andrews: No more games, Frank.

      • Peter: Nothing makes any sense. Until today, I never met Dr. Schlossburg. But someone using my name attacked him. Why let him live? Then they make an attempt on our lives, but fail.
        Frank: Maybe the plan was meant to fail. So far, every move we've made has been in reaction to events out of our control."
        Peter: "Until now, someone's been setting us up. I believe we'll find out who's responsible when we find the location of the burial site. Somehow, everything's tied into this body.
        Frank: What if the legend's true? The knowledge to fight the evils of the millennium are out there.
        Peter: That's what we're here to find out.

      • Frank: You made it into the system. Did you find what you were looking for?"
        Peter: No.
        Frank: Maybe it doesn't exist.
        Peter: A thousand years ago, when this man was alive, Otto III, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, dug up Charlemagne's bones for inspiration in the planning of a reformation of religious faith across Europe. What he saw in those bones gave rise to the persecution, torture, death of thousands. At the same time members of the Order of Knights Chroniclers, whose warnings about the upcoming millennium came into conflict with the new order of the empire, became hunted. And they were forced underground. The Knights had in their possession a holy relic... the hand of Saint Sebastian.
        Frank: Sebastian was ordered shot to death with arrows, but he miraculously survived.
        Peter: The bounty for the return of the hand was so lucrative that member turned against member, the group was almost destroyed, survivors dispersed all over the world, and the hand of Saint Sebastian disappeared. Legend has it that whoever has possession of the hand has the knowledge to overcome the evils of the millennium.
        Frank: That's a great story but you can't believe that a mummified hand, even if it is a holy relic, can tell us anything. The dead can't speak.
        Peter: They talk to you, Frank. It's your gift. I've seen it. Otto III saw evil in the bones of Charlemagne. I want to find the good... the faith. When I first became aware of this project, I didn't know why I was interested. It was so...
        Frank: Unlike you?
        Peter: But when I look at him... this anonymous man from a thousand years ago, then I know why. There is no future without a past. John Schlossburg called me three days ago and told me he had found the location of the circle... the preserved burial site of The Order of Knights Chroniclers. I have searched every scrap of information here. Maybe in a thousand years, someone will find it again.

      • Andrews: You were this close to having an additional rectum.
        Frank: I have reason to believe we're being monitored.
        Andrews: Is that why you had me meet you outside instead of someplace warm and light that doesn't have the smell of urine?
        Frank: Watts is missing. I haven't seen him all day. I tried to page him. No response. I have never known him not to answer a page.
        Andrews: He's been behaving in an uncharacteristic way. I've got to be honest with you, Frank. The group brought me over here to bring him in. He's been acting totally on his own, under the auspice of Millennium without authorization, without consultation, and he's brought you into this. It's jeopardizing your candidacy. We got to help him.
        Frank: "What do you want me to do?"
        Andrews: "Find him. He obviously trusts you. Determine his objectives and then contact me. I'm at this number here. At that point we can decide to get him through it or get him out. You've already had one attempt on your lives. Whatever he's doing... it puts us all in danger.

      • Roedecker: Suicide hot line.
        Peter: I found his stash.
        Rodecker: Mmm. Anything juicy?
        Peter: A couple of the magazines appear to be older with dog-eared pages... personal favorites, I presume.
        Roedecker: Some of these stars have attained one-name status, kind of like, uh, Madonna or Cher in the mainstream. Ten to one he used a name for the password.
        Peter: I'm trying... Ginger.
        Roedecker: Hmm... enthusiastic.
        Peter: Tracy.
        Roedecker: Jail bait.
        Peter: Seka.
        Roedecker: Whoa, a blast from the past.
        Peter: Wait a minute. Here's one. He's a member of her fan club. Christy.
        Roedecker: Oh, yeah, she's hot... an ultra-babe-alicious, or... so I've been told.

      • Roedecker: Uh, I been working on this little problem of yours, Mr. W.
        Peter: Go ahead.
        Roedecker: Did the background check on her doctor... Got his important dates, significant numbers, names of his relatives. I've already tried a dozen algorithmic combinations. So far, not even a nibble.
        Peter: This is time-sensitive material. People are trying to shut us down. I need to get through as soon as possible.
        Roedecker: I've done a little research on the Internet. Our man has been a naughty little doctor. From his terminal, he has logged hundreds of hits on adult video web sites, online sex chat... you name it... all American-made. Probably prefers the production value and galaxy of stars available to satiate his, uh... unique perversity.
        Peter: Get to the point, Hacker Man.
        Roedecker: A guy who uses his work station for porn would most likely have other salacious material for use on hand, if you get my drift. It's a long shot, but maybe that's the key to his password.

      • Andrews: The police said you left the crime scene an hour ago, and my German wasn't good enough to get anything more out of them. Where the hell have you two been?
        Peter: Andrews, what are you doing here?
        Andrews: The group asked me to conduct a workshop on kinesic interview and interrogation techniques at the police academy in Bremen. As soon as I heard what happened I came as fast as I could. You guys okay?
        Frank: Well, it's been a long day, but we're fine.
        Andrews: Well, I know you're not on vacation. You must be on a case. Why don't you give me the case file so I'll do some legwork?
        Peter: No.. It's not necessary, really. It's under control. If you don't mind, I'm... I'm beat. I'll go up to my room.
        Frank: Good night.
        Peter: Night.
        Andrews: This is who we are.
        Peter: This is who we are.
        Andrews: Do you need anything, Frank?
        Frank: I'm just along for the ride.
        Andrews: Sometimes when a car crashes it's the driver that's killed. Sometimes it's the passenger... Be careful.

      • Peter: There are certain things I can't tell you. There are secrets to Millennium that have to be earned. There are truths that you wouldn't understand even if I attempted to explain.
        Frank: Don't tell me, you took a blood oath.
        Peter: No less than having my breast torn open, my heart and organs thrown over my left shoulder and carried in the valley of Jehoshaphat.
        Frank: The decaying body in the lab isn't the only reason we're here.
        Peter: That's part of it, but I'm hoping that the body leads to a greater discovery... How long ago do you think that body was buried?
        Frank: It's very well-preserved. Just at a cursory glance, I'd say 50, 75 years at the most.
        Peter: Dr. Schlossburg has placed that body at a thousand years old. It's a bog mummy. The body is so well-preserved because of a polysaccharide called sphagnum. It's found in the peat moss. They found bodies at 2,000 years old... bodies that go back to the beginning of Christianity... back to the beginning of the Millennium Group.
        Frank: That would be of great interest to archaeologists, to... historians. What's the interest to you? Why would anybody want to kill to stop this discovery?
        Peter: There have always been those who've opposed the group's methods and philosophy, but those are the snakes in the open. It's the snake in the grass that causes concern.
        Frank: We're being followed.

      • Peter: I think they lied to us about the circumstances surrounding Schlossburg's death. I don't think we can trust them.
        Frank: Can I trust you? I got on a plane to Germany just because you asked me to. I expect the same trust from you.
        Peter: Yeah.
        Frank: Tell me what's going on before I walk.
        Peter: Not here.

      • Captain: My apologies, Mr. Watts, Mr. Black. The Direktor Der Bereitschaftspolizei informs me that the Millennium Group shall have our fullest cooperation. To fulfill his request, I bring to you Detektiv Heim.
        Heim: We stake out perp when you two were busted. Okay. Dr. Schlossburg worked at Hamburg University science department. But you would know because, uh, you tailed him, correct?
        Peter: We know because we worked with him.
        Heim: And this is him after the hemorrhoid got through with him. The perp capped the mark at around, maybe, midnight three days ago.
        Frank: I hope you don't mind me saying so but you have a very colorful vocabulary.
        Heim: Danke schon. Thank you. I learn much about good detective work from American TV police shows: Sipowicz, Kojak, Hunter, Tony Scali.
        Frank: Who?
        Heim: The Commish.
        Peter: Have you established a motive for the murder?
        Heim: Robbery. The doctor surprised some freakin' dirtbag. The attacker escape in this window and from the blood trail we detect an injury. The doctor maybe kicked him in the... in the labonza.
        Frank: Can we examine the body?
        Heim: Who loves ya, baby? Come on?

      • Frank: You said Dr. Schlossburg was involved with the group. What was he working on?
        Peter: An answer.
        Frank: To what?
        Peter: Who we are.

      • Roedecker: Help me... You ask me to help you? Man is evil, capable of nothing but destruction... You... bloody bastard.
        Peter: Roedecker, this is Watts. I need you to connect with the networking system at Hamburg University Science Department. The terminal in question is located in Bremerhaven, Germany. FTP -
        Roedecker: I have office hours.
        Peter: He files are protected by a password system. How quickly can you bypass security and access the files?
        Roedecker: I believe the work you're requesting is illegal under international, federal and state statutes.
        Peter: Are you saying that you won't do it?
        Roedecker: What I'm saying is 'Golden Time'. What files are you looking for?
        Peter: Just get in and then contact me. You can reach me anytime on my cell.
        Roedecker: Oh, my God. Don't tell me we had this conversation on an unsecured line, because in a court of law, this could be construed as a de facto admission of guilt.
        Peter: What conversation?
        Roedecker: Gotcha. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Say no more.

      • Frank: Peter. Come on in. I didn't get your page.
        Peter: I didn't send one.
        Frank: Anything wrong?
        Peter: What I'm about to ask you is... unauthorized by the Millennium Group. If you tell me to take a flying leap I'll completely understand. It won't affect our professional relationship in any way.
        Frank: And our personal?
        Peter: I need your help, your gift, and I can't tell you why but I can tell you it might be dangerous.
        Frank: You're asking for a leap of faith.
        Peter: More than you know.

      • Elder: It has come to our attention that you have been engaged in an independent project.
        Peter: It began... as a curiosity.
        Elder: It's become much more. Now it's a distraction. And that which distracts should be excised. Mr. Watts, the uninitiated perceive time with no appreciation of the beginning. And no understanding of the end. To them time is an infinite commodity. We know better. We will not waste a second of it. This is who we are.
        Peter: Well, that's what I intend to find out, sir. Who we are.
        Elder: That question was answered when you were accepted.
        Peter: The answer only leads to more questions.
        Elder: What you want to confirm they will deny. What you want to find they will hide. You are on a path that has no beginning, no middle and no end. Because it is a matter of faith. Maybe that is what you need to find.
        Peter: This is all about the science.
        Elder: Then you will never find it.
        Peter: I'm close. I just need a little more time.
        Elder: Peter, we don't want to lose you over this.
        Peter: Is that a threat, sir?
        Elder: A caution. Because if we found out, they already know.

      • Provider: Don't be afraid.
        Fugitive: I do not fear for my life, but for the life of our cause.
        Provider: They know. You have to be careful, now they have the blessing of the church.
        Fugitive: The church is a snake in the open. It is the snake in the grass that causes concern.
        Provider: Here. This should take you as far north as you need to go... May Saint Sebastian bless us and our travels. This is who we are.
        Fugitive: This is who we are.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Saint Sebastian (???-304) is the patron saint of archers, athletes, soldiers and is appealed to for protection against plagues. Persecution under the emperor Diocletian led to Sebastian being arrested and sentenced to death. He was shot through wth arrows and left for dead by his executioners. A Christian woman named Irene found him alive and nursed his wounds. Soon after, however, Sebastian confronted the Emperor and denounced him for his cruelty to Christians. He was beaten to death with clubs on the Emperor's orders. His feast day is January 20.

      • This episode is set in Seattle, Washington and Bremerhaven, Germany.

    • ALLUSIONS (8)

      • Roedecker: Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.
        This is a reference to the famous Monty Python sketch "Nudge Nudge."

      • Heim: Book 'em, Dano. Murder one.
        Here Heim quotes a famous phrase from Hawaii Five-O.

      • Peter: A thousand years ago, when this man was alive, Otto III, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, dug up Charlemagne's bones for inspiration in the planning of a reformation of religious faith across Europe...
        According to the online Catholic Encyclopedia, Otto III (980-1002), German king and Holy Roman Emperor, ordered the tomb of Charlemagne at Aix to be opened. Tradition holds that when Otto III opened the Tomb in the year 1000 he found Charlemagne seated in a marble chair. Otto is said to have removed the marble thrown which was used for the coronation of the Emperors for hundreds of years after.

      • Roedecker: Some of these stars have attained one-name status, kind of like, uh, Madonna or Cher in the mainstream...
        The adult film stars who are referenced by Peter and Roedecker when trying to figure out Dr. Schlossburg's computer password are probably Ginger Lynn, Tracy Lords, Seka, and Christy Canyon.

      • Peter: No less than having my breast torn open, my heart and organs thrown over my left shoulder and carried in the valley of Jehoshaphat.
        This quote appears to be a reference to an oath of Freemasonry. The oath referred to is the one taken by a Fellow Craft Mason. A version of this oath is as follows: "...binding myself under no less penalty than to have my left breast torn open, and my heart and vitals taken from thence, and thrown over my left shoulder and carried into the valley of Jehosaphat, there to become prey to the vultures of the air, if ever I should prove willfully guilty of violating any part of this my solemn oath or obligation of a Fellow Craft Mason". The Valley of Jehosaphat lies outside of Jerusalem. According to Joel 3:10-17, it is the place where God will judge all nations.

      • Heim: Who loves ya, baby?
        Here Heim quotes the famous catchphrase of Kojack from the television show Kojak.

      • Heim: I learn much about good detective work from American TV police shows: Sipowicz, Kojak, Hunter, Tony Scali"

        Here Heim refers to a number of famous television police detectives. He refers to Andy Sipowicz from NYPD Blue, Theo Kojak from Kojak, Rick Hunter from Hunter, and Tony Scali from The Commish. Morgan and Wong were credited as writers on this episode; this explains why they referenced the Commish. Morgan and Wong were producers of the Commish and wrote a bunch of episodes during its first 2 seasons.

      • Roedecker: Help me... You ask me to help you? Man is evil,capable of nothing but destruction... You... bloody bastard.

        This quote is a reference to the Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970).