Season 3 Episode 1

The Innocents (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

In an unknown location, an elderly woman with piercing blue eyes is treated with a dialysis machine. She is tended to by a young blonde woman with similar eyes.

Elsewhere, on a plane over the Pacific Northwest, a distressed young woman (with the same blue eyes) goes into the airplane bathroom and recovers a gun from the paper towel dispenser. She begins to smoke, which alerts a stewardess. The stewardess enters the bathroom, and finds the woman crying, saying she "can't do it." The stewardess, whom we now see has the same blue eyes, assures her that "everything is gonna be OK." She picks up the gun and fires several shots into the bulkhead of the plane, causing depressurization, and the plane begins a plummet to the earth...

Frank and Jordan have relocated to Northern Virginia. On a sunny morning, Catherine's parents arrive to take Jordan to school. It is clear that Tom, Catherine's father, still harbors resentment at Frank over Catherine's death. After they leave, Frank picks up the morning paper and sees the headline about the plane crash in Oregon. Though he does not have a vision, the story rattles him.

Frank arrives at Quantico, where he has been consulting with the Critical Incident Response Group. He watches a tape of one of his therapy sessions from shortly after Catherine's death, where he raves about the plot to release the Marburg Virus. His therapist asks him how he feels, now five months after that first session. Frank says he wants to get back to work. He asks his boss, Assistant Director Andy McClaren, to be assigned to the team investigating the plane crash. McClaren tells Frank to take it one step at a time, and when the therapists conclude he is ready for duty, McClaren will send him out into the field.

At the crash site, Agent Barry Baldwin of the CIRG arrives with his team and immediately assumes command of the investigation. Following him off of the helicopter is a young, attractive and introspective agent...Emma Hollis.

Frank arrives home after a long day of work and finds Catherine's parents there with Jordan. He and Tom have a tense conversation in the kitchen, where Tom says, "If you're so good at what you do, Frank, you'd have caught who did it." Tom also tells Frank that Jordan needs more love and attention than Frank is giving her.

Frank continues to mull over the plane crash, particularly the number of children killed. He makes a late night call to McClaren at home and convinces McClaren to let him go out there.

Frank arrives at the scene after the handgun is discovered. He gets the brush off from Baldwin, who sees Frank as an intrusion. Emma introduces herself to Frank, and reveals that she has heard of him and his reputation. "You...see things." He assures her he is only out there as an extra pair of eyes. Frank surmises whoever fired the gun would have been traveling alone, without a child, since it is unusual for a mother to kill her child.

Fingerprints implicate the stewardess and Baldwin is prepared to make the announcement that the case has been solved. Frank notices a distinct resemblance between the stewardess and a passenger named Deena Bartis (the woman in the bathroom). Frank and Emma notice that both women were from Salt Lake City.

That night, in Salt Lake City, another identical blonde woman arrives at her home with her infant daughter. They enter their house, and moments later it explodes in a ball of flame.

The explosion brings Frank out to Utah, where he learns the little girl was killed and her mother, Mary, remains in critical condition. Frank learns from McClaren that Emma has followed him out to Utah. At the bomb scene, Emma discovers a trap door that leads to a hidden basement. Frank and Emma discover survival supplies and two sealed caskets marked as bio-hazardous.

Back at Quantico, Frank is trying to get McClaren to open the caskets, as he believes victims of the Marburg outbreak are inside. McClaren reluctantly agrees, and then sends Frank home when both caskets are empty. That night, Emma visits Frank at his house. She tells him she believes Mary, the woman in the hospital, may hold the key to the case. They fly out to interview her, and after Frank tells her how Catherine was killed in the outbreak, Mary reveals that the outbreak was meant to kill her, and her sisters. Mary tells them the location of the last living sister and her child.

As they drive to the farmhouse address Mary had given them, Frank and Emma see a car driven by a blonde woman leave. They follow her, but as they cross a bridge, a mysterious car cuts the woman off and causes a semi-truck to jackknife. The woman's car goes through the guardrail and ends up precariously perched on the end of the bridge. As Frank tries to help, the woman panics and allows the car to roll back over the side. Frank and Emma look on, as the mystery car drives away...