Season 3 Episode 1

The Innocents (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 1998 on FOX

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  • Frank experiences visions of a plane crash and believes it is connected to the viral outbreak that swept across the country killing seventy people including his wife, Catherine.

    Although this episode isn't as good as the pilot episode or the Season 2 premiere, it was still VERY good. It debuts the newer characters of the show such as Agents Emma Hollis and Barry Baldwin. The plane crash in the episode is also a good element, especially with the ongoing possibility of someone going to get killed than most other episodes. You just don't know what is going to happen, which is actually quite intensifying. When watching this episode, it is good to be a big Millennium premiere, as well as a season. But we can tell this only the beginning, and definitely, most definitely, the time is near for Frank Black.