Season 1 Episode 4

The Judge

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 1996 on FOX

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  • Not bad.

    This was really just an avergae episode. It was quite good for most parts but the ending was a little rushed and unplanned. This episode really is about a man who calls himelf the Judge, anyway he gets released prisoners to carry out his justice sentences. Obviously these men are killers so they have no trouble doing what the judge asks. Until one gets careless and leaves a trail. Frank soon works out that a person is responisble (the Judege) but they do not have enough evidence to convict the Judge so he is released but is killed by one of the prisoners and is put into a stable and is eaten by hungry pigs, nice.

    Anyway this was quire a good episode, it showed us a few more charactors and we learned a little mroe that people are sceptical about Franks 'gift'.
  • Pretty good but something goes wrong...

    I don't really know where to begin this review because the episode leaves me feeling confused. It's mostly a good episode with an excellent beginning but it then falls apart for a while, leaving the viewer somewhat uninterested and wishing the episode was over. Then it delivers a few sporadic good scenes amongst the average ones, and then has a good (and dark) ending.

    A man called The Judge is behind the cases of several murders, involving dismemberment. He is acting through a couple of young men. When he passes judgment on someone he orders the others carry them out. The Judge is arrested and taken into custody but eventually gets out, only to be killed by Bardale, who has been working for The Judge. Bardale sees The Judge as weak and nothing more than a pig. As he's taken away at the end of the episode, we see The Judge's body half-buried in the hog pen.
  • Frank Black comes up against a man calling himself Judge, who uses others to deal out his idea of justice...

    This one was definetly the most enjoyable since the pilot, though still nowhere near as good. The storyline really interested me, as did the Judge character, played by an actor I recognise from The X-Files episode "Fallen Angel". There were also some pretty neat effects, especially the cut-out tongue in the teaser.

    I wish they would use Frank Black's family more though. The scenes of him and his wife are always good, despite being so few in number and far between. The ending was an odd one too, as I was expecting more screen time between the Judge and Frank, and like previous episodes, the story seemed to come to a premature end.

    Still, I really liked this episode overall. Now please let there be more great ones!
  • Tongue Jury

    With severed tongues, dismembered limbs and man-eating pigs, The Judge is easily the most violent episode so far, featuring an intriguing protagonist and some excellent work from the behind-the-scenes guys.

    The Judge, as a character, was far more world-weary and intelligent than Frank's previous nemesis’s, making him all the more sinister. Whilst the bad guys seen on the show before were just upfront psychopaths, The Judge was somebody who showed absolutely no fear about the situation he was in, believing he could withstand any type of setback with his mind, his intelligence or his killer pigs. Surprisingly, he proved to be no match for his latest protégé, who fed him to his pets at the end of the episode.

    The direction from Randy Zisk is also worth mentioning, with his use of space and light ensuring a creepy setting for most of the scenes. The most obvious example of this is in the final act, with Mike Bardale lit only by the refrigerator light, cast in shadow, echoing his own fragile mindset at that moment in time.

    Writer Ted Mann also gave Megan Gallagher a little more to do in this episode, but I still believe she's being underused. She had two excellent scenes in this episode, both showing that Catherine isn't completely useless with Frank's cases and sometimes her unique intuition could save the day. The family relationships in Millennium regularly produce some of the best scenes on the show, and usually brings out the best in Lance Henriksen's and the aforementioned Gallagher's acting.

    Director: Randy Zisk
    Writer: Ted Mann
    Rating: B+
  • Kill the sinners.

    ‘The Judge’ is an interesting episode that doesn’t quite use the potential it has.

    The teaser is excellent where a guy is looking at a man eating and later we see a woman receiving a tongue, probably from the eating man.
    The problem with the episode is that it’s not quite up there, you loose your interesting somewhere in the middle of the episode. I did enjoy the ending and that the second guy killed his boss and fed him to the pigs.

    The darkness is still quite up there, it’s still disturbing but can be better.
    At the end of the episode you feel like nothing really happened, and that’s the problem of the episode. None of the characters developed and there wasn’t much depth except some guy killing others, some foot hacking and everything.

    ‘The Judge’ is a good episode but it’s not a big ‘hit’, at the end of it, it’s still like nothing happened and that makes it unmemorable.
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