Season 2 Episode 23

The Time is Now (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 15, 1998 on FOX

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  • Season Two of Millennium is brilliant; The Time is Now is the capstone achievement of the Morgan-Wong run.

    While brilliant first season episodes Lamentation and Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions gave us a glimpse of what Millennium could be, the Morgan/Wong-produced episodes of season two are truly special. The Time is Now is their wrenching culmination. The sum effect is similar to that of Dale Cooper smashing his face against the mirror in the final episode of Twin Peaks… only the sense of horror and loss permeates the entirety of The Time is Now. There are many brilliant episodes of The X-Files and Morgan and Wong wrote quite a few of them… but none, not even Beyond the Sea, or One Breath, or Home, take us to the place The Time is Now does
  • It's well done, but BLEAK and dark to a whole new extreme.

    Watching "The Fourth Horseman"/"The Time is Now" can be a draining experience. It's 90 minutes of television that are so bleak and grim that it's hard to believe they made the air. Though the acting and story are strong, the episodes are still tough to sit through.

    The deaths from the virus are perhaps the most horrifying images "Millennium" ever depicted, perhaps because they are in such everyday scenes...the farmer's morning chores, a Mother's Day dinner. These nightmarish scenes, coupled with the collapse of Frank and Peter's friendship and Lara's descent into madness completely turn the series on its head. Lance Henriksen and Terry O'Quinn knock these shows out of the park. Their intensity bubbles over into full-blown confrontation, and it's great to see the result. O'Quinn especially is good as a man torn by his faith and the reality of evidence against what he has invested so heavily in.

    And of course, the final moments...easily some of the darkest and most depressing on TV. Had "Millennium" ended here, it might have ranked among the most memorable series finales of all time.
  • The end of the world? No Millennium is back for season 3.

    This episode was incredably well written. The writers of the show Glen Morgan and James Wong were unsure if Millennium would be renewed for season 3. So they wrote this episode as both a season final and the series final. Poor old Catherine Black is infected and dies in Franks arms. Its really sad to see Ctherine go. Frank also nearly looses Jordan but Frank gets hold of some vacine. It seems that the Millennium group is involved in all of this, and from this episode Frank sets out on a quest to take down the group. Frank and Peters friendship also die in this episode. Lara Means is locked up in a mental hospital because the group showed her too much. From this episode i began to wonder if infact the group are working to end the world at the Millennium not save it. This episode was fantasticly written and the chractors were great. I love Millennium and this is the show at its best.
  • One of the best episodes of tv EVER!

    I can still remember the first time that I saw this episode, it blew me away, the scene in the beginning with the chickens, i thought at first i was seeing a commercial, the family so happy and such. Then bam, a outbreak. It is not a commerical! The 11 min mini movie with lara and her breakdown, (a perfect example of how to use music in a scene!) The acting was perfection. The end was a shocker and unexpected as well, I should have expected it, but never saw it coming. I am lucky I worked the night it aired, cause I taped it. After it ended I pressed rewind and watched it all over again, and again!