Season 2 Episode 23

The Time is Now (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 15, 1998 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: The car that Richard Gilbert was in during the accident in the beginning was broken into 2 pieces but in later scenes the car is in one piece.

  • Quotes

    • Static Voice: We are in desperate need of supplies. Many are dead. This is a general distress call. Send help.

    • Radio Broadcast: The early symptoms, which a victim may not recognise, include a sense of disorientation. Monitor any increase in body temperature, be aware of a low-grade fever. Secondary symptoms which may take only hours, or minutes, to appear...

    • Frank: In the Middle Ages, during the Black Plague, people used to gather their families... take them to the mountains... or the forest. They'd post guards encircling their camps... and they would kill anybody that appeared. The ones that practised this behaviour... they survived the outbreak.

    • Frank: Lara... you're the only one... not my wife, not my family... who ever understood. Only you. I've travelled that road, Lara... that you're on. What I saw made me swear that I would rather die than return. Oh, I know peace can be found there. And if you do... if you do find it... I know you will never return. Thank you. Thank you.

    • Radio Broadcaster: Since last Wednesday's outbreak is estimated at 500... under the advisement of the Center for Disease Control, the federal Government of the State of Washington have declared King, Piers, and Thurston counties quarantine areas until further notice. The C.D.C admits to not having identified an infectious agent or cause of the outbreak.

    • Peter: After you showed me the medical tests you had done... which to me indicated that we had been inoculated without our being aware... I needed to know 'inoculated against what?' So... since it appears I no longer have level blue clearance... I broke into Group archives and stole some of the Old Man's personal effects: specifically, a recorded transmission and his voice access phrase. I edited the transmission, I matched his voice code, I got level blue and I looked up the Marburg Virus.
      Frank: What did you find?
      Peter: It appears to live in an unknown host, somewhere in the Kaitoon Cave region of East Africa.
      Peter: The Soviets - 'biopreperat' - sent men into the jungle to find it.
      Frank: Jordan keeps having these reoccurring nightmares about monkeys.
      Peter: Frank, you're daughter doesn't just dream, surely you must know that by now.
      Frank: What about the Russians?
      Peter: The object was to create a devastating biological weapon. The virus is genetically labile... it could exchange genes with plague, anthrax, smallpox, flu strains: which creates variant viruses, against which a human population has no immunological defence. Weapons grade anthrax takes approximately 8,000 microscopic spores to introduce an infection. The Marburg variant they created in the lab takes 3! Now in 1982 prions were discovered, and a prion is a protein that has no R.N.A; no life. So it would make the perfect weapon: it's immune to antibiotics, enzymes, can withstand the heat of over 600 degrees. A Marburg variant virus which genetically engineered with the prion... thereby creating the biological agent that would kill quickly, spread rapidly, and if the virus were neutralised the fused prion would finish off the host. When the Soviet Union fell the bioweapons facility near Pekeb was abandoned. The virus... Marburg variant PRP... a manmade virus that had never been exposed to the environment... leaked. Birds in the area... and birds were especially susceptible... became infected. And over the next three years they migrated to Alaska, to Northern Canada, to the American upper-mid-west. In 1986 a Wisconsin farmer, and his entire flock of hens, died from its effects. So it had undergone 'antigenic drift': it could be transmitted from birds to humans. But then as soon as that happened, the virus disappeared.
      Frank: The virus... you're telling me it's back?
      Peter: The man we found by the river last week?
      Frank: Yeah.
      Peter: ... family near San Diego, few days ago... village in China yesterday... a town in South America today.
      Frank: The Group has a vaccine they gave to us.
      Peter: Yeah, after '86 they developed a vaccine that could keep the virus in check once it entered the body.
      Frank: So people could be inoculated.
      Peter: There would never be enough material... to develop a universal vaccine. They only made enough for Group members.
      Frank: And their families... And their families, Peter.
      Peter: It was always about control, Frank. They're gonna expect us to stay with them now that they've protected us from this plague.
      Frank: So watching our families die... that's protecting us?
      Peter: What are you going to do?
      Frank: Get your family, I have a place where we can stay.

    • Reporter: There are strange reports out of the Eastern region of China near Janon... in which an entire village of farmers and their families were found dead today. Information is sketchy with causes being attributed to everything from mass suicide to a toxic spill...

    • Frank: No-one can tell me... that the same night Richard informs me the Group is watching us.. he dies in a car wreck.
      Dixon: Frank... death is never convenient... no matter what the circumstances. The timing, need for a reason, sometimes its just as simple as... our time is up.

    • Mr. Lott: How is it decided... who lives and who dies? Maybe, individually, we are allotted only so many days of life. Maybe as a whole mankind is only allotted so many days of life. So you see... in what appears to be the plan for mankind... the death of one individual is absolutely inconsequential. The Millennium Group is not concerned with any single individual life. Do you see where I am going with this? Our responsibility... and remember that word it will come up again, our responsibility is to the life of the whole of mankind. And so we must proceed in a manner that increases the odds of that survival. Sounds like a paradox... but it is the very nature of our responsibility. If one life appears to interfere with our protection of billions of lives... it really becomes a no-brainer. And the courage to be responsible for all those lives... that is the first thing that you must understand and accept. As you are about to become a member of the Millennium Group... there will be a constant danger to yourself: mentally, physically... in the responsibility of the responsibility. Just the simple act of comprehending the reality of the events before us can cause some to break. And to those who are not broken by the danger and responsibility of knowing... comes the intensity of living with that fear for the rest of their lives. And the actions which must be taken to achieve the Millennium Group's success of purpose. This is who we are.

    • Richard: Frank... get out. Get away. When we investigated Lara Means' whereabouts... we made some discoveries about Millennium that scared the hell outta me. They're watching us. You should be aware that they've recently begun intense surveillance on Peter Watts. Any group that so closely monitors their own members should be feared.

    • Lara: Why now? Why now, Frank? Why were we born now? Do you realize the probability... the probability of even being born at all? The changes of any life being here - let alone you and me? If it ends... when it will end... we'll be amongst the 10% of all humans who ever lived. Do you understand the odds of being born at the time it will end? And since the time is now, since the end is here... we're all old. If you compute all the life... of all the life on earth, of all the life in the universe... we're infants. And that's all we'll ever be... all we ever were. Can you calculate the odds of being born... so, so lucky, Frank, to be born now. The things they've told me. The responsibility, Frank, just to know is enough... to see it happen... a chance to witness. I'm so frightened... I had the chance to watch it happen. But we'll be all right we... we can't be born just to die... we knew this was coming, right. We've known for two millennia. Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things that are written in it for the time... is near.

    • Frank: Honey, yesterday... Peter Watts told me that there was going to be an earthquake this morning. To the magnitude, to the second. The Group knew. There's something happening, events are unfolding. Events that if I understood I could effect. It's a responsibility. That, for the sake of you and Jordan, I can't walk away from. So much in me distrusts their power. I am disgusted by their control over people. I doubt their Christian prophecies. I want to tell them to go to the Hell that they fear so much. But... beneath it all... I believe them. And I can't walk away until I am certain of what the future might bring.
      Catherine: The way you feel toward them... describes my feelings toward you.

    • Catherine: This house was damaged long before this morning's earthquake.
      Frank: Yeah... Bletch. The Old Man. Our family.
      Catherine: Maybe now that we found our way back to the yellow house...
      Frank: It's time for a new yellow house.

    • Team Member: Dr. Sorenson, we're in a hot zone.
      Sorenson: We can't determine that until we collect all the evidence. And corroborate it with the C.D.C at Fort Dietrich.
      Team Member: We don't have to wait, sir. It's here. We knew it was coming. That it would spread faster than we could ever control it, and now it's here. The time is now.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Lara: I am the Alpha... and the Omega. The first... and the last.
      This quote appears to refer to Revelation 22:13.

    • Lara: The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show his servants things... which must shortly take place. And he said,and signified it by his angel, to his servant John, who bore witness to the word of God. And the testimony of Jesus Christ...
      This quote appears to refer to Revelation 1:1-2.

    • Lara: Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things that are written in it for the time... is near."
      The quote appears to refer to Revelation 1:3.

    • Name of cigarette: Morley
      A subtle reference to The X-Files. The Cigarette Smoking Man smokes Morley brand cigarettes.