Season 3 Episode 5

...Thirteen Years Later

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 1998 on FOX

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  • Nice directing, but definitely not the best of the series.

    ...Thirteen Years Later has Frank investigating murders that occur on the set of a movie that is being made about one of the cases that he worked on a long time ago. It's an interesting look at bad horror movies, and Hollywood's views on "reality."

    I thought that this episode's directing was very well done. The scenes are often set up in a way that is very corny, just like the movies shown in the show. This was a nice way to show that, while some of this series is much more serious (most of the time) and deeper than the movies portrayed in the episode, it is just a TV show which shouldn't be taken so seriously as to be compared to real life murders.

    However, despite serving a purpose in the episode, the really corny nature of the episode also hurt the episode. I really liked the comedy episodes in the second season, because they were very smart, and this episode definitely has its moments, but I didn't think that it was quite as good as many of the other episodes in the series.
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