Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Aug 29, 2006 Between Seasons


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Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles
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Million Dollar Listing takes a look at the high-end real estate market in southern California, and follows three hot young real estate agents seeking riches, and battling to be number one. It also shows how they live and their personal lives.

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    • Really???

      I don't get it. I would rather be waterboarded than watch a full episode of this nonsense. My wife tried to make me watch this show until I told her it would be grounds for divorce. Even writing this review is a waste of time.
    • Not real agents, just connected rich kids.

      I have no respect for this show, just a bunch of connected rich kids, both on the LA and and NYC show. This is an insult to real agents that work hard to get where they are. I don't think there is one legitimate one among them that actually earned their position.
    • This show is GREAT, at perfectly illustrating the illusion that 99.99% of all real estate agents attempt to maintain with customers - that they bring some value to the table when anecdotally slinging their opinions and advice around with brash hubris.moreless

      This show is GREAT, at perfectly illustrating the illusion that 99.99% of all real estate agents attempt to maintain with customers - that they bring some level of value to the table when anecdotally slinging their opinions and advice around with brash hubris. It is absolutely absurd that people make a living, let alone a highly lucrative one, maintaining this ridiculous deception. And the agents themselves are not the only ones at fault. The idiotic customers who compliment on their "abilities", when all they are really doing is getting sucked into their facade with their fancy cars, clothing and je ne sais quoi. Meanwhile, these jokers cash check after check of commissions that are hardly warranted, nor earned, paid for on the backs of inflated home values and mortgages. Pathetic, indeed. And, oh yeah, I'm a real estate agent - but I earn my living by doing an honest job, offering sound, honest advice and not pumping my customers for the sake of my own ego and a commission. The attitudes portrayed by this television show only perpetuate the worst of the real estate business on the side of both the so-called "professionals" as well as the ignorant homeowners who patronize their services.moreless
    • Love it....I want to see more

      Bring it back...Cant wait to see what you have in store for us. I think that this was a great program and I have been looking forward to its return. I am a real estate agent in the NYC area and some of what happened i have experienced. I believe it is about time the people see all that we as agents go through to get a deal finished and not all times do we receive a large payout. Sometimes you do what you do because you enjoy it. I especially enjoyed the agent that keep it real. He did not dress in a suit but enjoyed who he was. Scotty was definately someone I would work with. I enjoyed his sense of humor. Finally a reality show that is not stupid (i.e. who to date a geek? please)moreless
    • I have never seen a more lazy bunch of agents. I would never use any person that belittles his wife in front of a client. How rude and disrespectful. If you are a true pro, you focus on the client you represent truthfully not to your commissions.moreless

      Rather than going on for length as I could, the point is these agents are the worst, most unsincere, lazy people I have ever seen. This program has changed my views on how little work the agent truely does for a very big chunk of change. They have never known hard work. Agents pick up a cheese plate and become a greeter. Wow hard work!

      These agents clearly have only one item on their mind, their commissions. Without integrity you are nothing.

      The unprofessional tactic of pricing the sellers homes high only to get the signed listings is unacceptable. Then the agents as the wimps they are, have to craw back and beg the owners to lower the price.

      This show has made me into a hard core seller, no more give, no more bait and switch. Every time I think of those idiots popping a champagne bottle to congradulate a new listing I want to puke. In the future I will educate myself on the housing market, spend $60.00 for signs, stage my home for sale and sell my house by owner.moreless

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