Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles - Season 5

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Aug 29, 2006 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • 8/15/12
    Josh and Colton stun Josh's parents with some news about their family. Still grieving from his loss, Madison is skeptical when Heather reaches out to him. Josh Altman makes an eight-digit sale and he and Heather take their relationship to the next level.
  • 8/8/12
    When Josh Flagg balks at a listing two hours away, Grandma Edith lectures him about his work ethic. With a buyer and seller digging in their heels, Josh Altman is headed towards failure. Madison suffers a devastating personal loss.
  • Shark Out Of Water
    Episode 8
    Life's a beach for Josh Altman when he travels outside his territory and misjudges a new client. Madison must fight off competing brokers to win over a client. Josh Flagg's slam-dunk Rodeo Drive listing is fraught with complications.
  • Broker Blowout
    Episode 7

    While negotiating a deal for pro-football player Orlando Scandrick, Josh Altman makes a serious play. Josh Flagg is forced to babysit, forcing him to get in touch with his paternal side.

  • 7/18/12

    Dallas Cowboys player Orlando Scandrick becomes a client of Josh Altman, who gets blindsided by his business manager. Josh Flagg's boyfriend delivers him some shocking news as he struggles to sell a contemporary palace.

  • 7/11/12

    Madison has to deal with Malibu listings that are still under construction. Meanwhile, the two Joshes deal with professional and personal struggles.

  • 6/27/12
    Josh Altman's temper runs short causing him to lose a four-million-dollar listing. Eager to win his father's approval, Madison comes through with a brilliant idea to sell his family's home in Park City, Utah.
  • 6/20/12
    With a thorn in his side, Madison decides to confront Heather and Josh Altman by crashing his brokers open at a plush Beverly Hills penthouse. In tranquil waters, Josh Flagg's Grandmother Edith bonds with his client, a socialite.
  • 6/13/12
    As Heather’s relationship with Josh Altman heats up, it begins to interfere with her work. Madison accuses Heather of sabotaging his business and takes swift action against her. With his heart on this sleeve and tempers flaring, Josh Altman vows to make Madison pay for messing with his girl. In Beverly Hills, a young socialite and rising fashion star turns to Josh Flagg to help her find a high-end hideout.moreless
  • Ballooning Assets
    Episode 1
    In the season premiere, Josh Altman attempts to sell a multi-million dollar home owned by an eccentric inventor who wants to fly. Meanwhile over in Malibu, Madison helps a colleague sell her ill-tempered ex-husband's stunning lakeside home. Flying high, Josh Flagg meets a client at "rooftop yoga" and nabs a listing for a prized Beverly Hills estate.moreless