Million Dollar Money Drop

FOX (ended 2011)


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Million Dollar Money Drop

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Earlier tonight, armed guards picked up $1 million in cash from a secret vault. It was transported under maximum security to our protected set, where the entire million will to be handed over to one couple. Their challenge: hang on to it thorough the most heart-pounding game ever imagined. So begins the FOX game show hosted by Kevin Pollak where contestants are given $1 million at the start of the game and must work to hold onto it as the game goes on. All they have to do is answer 7 multiple-choice questions correctly and they get to keep their money! The first three questions consist of four multiple-choice options, the next three of three multiple-choice options and the final question has two multiple-choice options. In each case, the couple must risk all their money and must leave one drop empty.

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    • A real disappointment. Unlikeable contestants risk big bucks only to lose it all. Padded like you wouldn't believe!

      I watched the premiere episode on December 20, 2010, with heavy fast-forwarding on my DVR, and I will not be watching again. I spent around an hour watching a two hour show (it was padded with filler that I fast forwarded through) just two watch two pairs of people win nothing. The basic format of the show is that you have to risk all of your money, which starts as a million dollars, on each question. You spread it among multiple choice answers. But these jamokes generally risked their entire stash of money, or almost all of it, on a single answer on each question. So it was no surprise that they lost, and lost big. They spend ages and ages trying to draw out the suspense, even when the decision isn't even one that that's dramatic, or the answer should be obvious to anyone with the slightest bit of brains. I deleted the season pass that I set for this show and I will not be watching again. There was a small degree of entertainment, but I do not find it worth my time. Though I was pleased that those people lost. They deserved it.moreless

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