Million Dollar Money Drop

Season 1 Episode 11

Episode 11

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2011 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Episode 11

Two couples try to stop the drop tonight. First up are Sergeant David and Mandy Englebert. David is a Marine Recon Sergeant and the couple met at his 'Welcome Back from Iraq' party. After dating for three months, they were married and have two children. The second couple is Nathan Moore and Lana McKissack, who have been dating for a year after meeting at a couples game night.

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  • My favorite episode so far

    The two couples to a show format is much better as the show moves at a better pace. I wasn't sure why I liked this episode. It was nice that we had a winner, but in thinking about it, I realized that it was about the couples.

    The first couple was a Marine Sergeant and his wife and Kevin's genuine gratitude to him for his service was touching. There can never be too much gratitude expressed to our service men and women who put there lives on the line so we can enjoy shows like this.

    The second couple was really sweet. When Lana broke down talking about the death of her father, it was a very real and touching moment, which there aren't too many of in game shows in general.moreless

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    • Kevin: (to Sergeant David) I can't thank you enough for your service, honest to God.

    • Nathan: I was an awful gamer, I wasn't very good in the game but I was able to win her over with my wit and charm.
      Lana: And his beard also.

    • Kevin: Four questions remain. You've worked incredibly as a team, I refuse to believe you've only been together for a year. Tell me the truth.
      Nathan: We really have only been together for a year, but...
      Kevin: Wow!
      Lana: ...things happened that kind of brought us together quickly. I, I lost my dad, like, three months into our relationship.
      Kevin: Oh my.
      Lana: So… (starts crying) I'm sorry.
      Kevin: That's OK. It created a bond between you?
      Nathan: Yeah, it was really one of those things where I met her and I knew that I would do anything for her and then going through that experience with her, it was just like, I was like, I will carry you through this if we have to.
      Lana: Yes.
      Nathan: I'm not leaving.
      Kevin: Well, we're here for you tonight. (applauds)
      Lana: Yeah, he's, he's my rock. He's my very tall rock.

    • Nathan: (discussing the answer to Question 3) As a child, I always wanted Lucky Charms and my mother wouldn't let me have them!

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    • Additional Crew Credits
      Stuart Wesolik (Video Controller)
      Cheryl Thompson (Video Tape Operator)
      Keith Wohl (Teleprompter Operator)
      Karina Licea (Teleprompter Operator)
      Holly Carter (Game Operator)
      Paul Moreau (Game Programmer)
      Phil Bristol (Spyder Operator)
      Mike Breckenridge (PL Coordinator)
      James Elliott (Lead Utility)
      Dean Frizell (Utilities)
      Drory Yelin (Utilities)
      Steve Ellis (Video Engineer)
      Max Trauss (Video Engineer)
      Blake Hopkins (LED Engineer)
      Shawn Orm (LED Engineer)
      Mike Russell (LED Engineer)
      Nate Williams (LED Engineer)
      Josh Hutchins (Moving Light Board Operator)
      Mathew McAdam (Media Programmer)
      Steve Olensky (PRG Technician)

    • Additional Credits
      Music: ISPY Music
      Opening Sequence: Gunslinger Digital
      Graphics: Fish Eggs
      Game Electronics: Ionoco
      Screens: Background Images, Inc.
      Game Compliance: Sullivan Compliance
      Post Production Facility: Chainsaw
      Post Production Sound Services: Larson Studios
      Post Production Sound Services: Fred Howard


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