Million Dollar Money Drop

Season 1 Episode 9

Episode 9

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2011 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Episode 9

For the first time, tonight's show features two couples. First up are Anna and Anthony Sinopoli from New York City who have been married for seven years. They are followed by April Seals-Partner and Kenneth Partner who have also been married seven years. They bought their first home three months ago and are getting ready to start a family. They hope to win some money to renovate their home.

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  • Better (spoilers)

    I had got to the point of accepting that couples would reach Question 7, or at least Question 6, because each show is timed to fit into one hour and you could tell by the clock when the show was going to end. Here Couple #1 blew it all on the first question. I have to admit that I was stunned because I'm not an auto racing fan by any means, but I think most everyone knows that the Indy 500 winner doesn't drink champagne in Victory Lane! It's all over the news each Memorial Day weekend.

    I was glad to see that it's not automatic that each show will only feature one couple. This was also a bit faster paced, which is good.moreless

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    • (after placing their money for Question 7)
      Kevin: I'm sensing confidence.
      Kenneth: Yes.
      April: I think so. I think we're ready to take this money home today.

    • Anna: Because we're from New York, we have street smarts and we're taking that million dollars on the red eye home!

  • NOTES (3)

    • This is the first and only episode where all of a contestant's money is lost on the first question.

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      Jason Trowbridge (PRG Project Tech)
      Geoff Smith (PRG Project Tech)

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