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How does this version differ from the previous versions of password?

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    [1]Jun 16, 2008
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    I thought this version of Password was exactly like the old ones, but now as I read the comments in this forum, I see that it is not. I have never seen the old versions of Password, so I was wondering how is it different, other than the amount of money that can be won.
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    The biggest difference might be that in the other versions, the contestants alternated either giving or receiving clues on the same word until someone got it right, rather than separate word lists for each contestant as it is now. BTW, the tiebreaker word in Episode 3 last Thursday used the classic Password format. Also, I think the five words in the wordlist had a common theme or something. Anyway, check Wiki, there's probably info on the old shows there...
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    The "common theme" thing I'm pretty sure was only for Password Plus / Super Password. There would be a set of passwords and after each one, they would try to figure out what the common theme was.
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    I'd like to step in and give my comparisons of this version of Password with the older ones starting with the original Password from the 1960s. .

    The first version, hosted by Alan Ludden, is very basic. In the up game, the contestants are given a word. They start with 10 points at stake to the one who guesses the word right. If the first contestant doesn't get the word, a point is taken away and the other contestant gets a try at the word. They go back and forth until one of the two players gets the word and wins the points. The contestant who accumulates a total of 25 points or more wins $100 and the right to play in the Lightning Round. In that part of the game, the winner has a chance to win up to $250. The contestant has one minute to get up to five words at $50 per word. Once they pass, just like in today's version of Password--in the money round, the word is out of play.

    The 1970s brought Password Plus. In the main game, each contestant has two chances to guess a word from a list of five that is a clue to a puzzle. The one who guesses the word gets a chance to guess what the puzzle is--what do those five words have in common. The first two puzzles are worth $100, and the one(s) following them are worth $200. The winner of the game who wins at least $400 goes on to play the bonus round they call Alphabetics for a chance at thousands of dollars in cash. The player has 60 seconds to get 10 words correct. Every correct answer wins the player $100 per word. Get all 10, you win the pot. They add $5,000 to the pot if a contestant doesn't get all 10 words.

    Super Password with Burt Convy came on the air during the 1980s. This version had pretty much the same elements as Password Plus did plus something extra called the Cashword. Unlike the 80's version, the giver of the clues has the option to play the word or pass to the aposing team in Password Plus. There are at least four puzzles in the game which increase in value by $100. The contestant who scores $500 or more goes on to play for thousands of dollars--at least $5,000 to be precise. During the game, the contestant who guesses the $200 puzzle plays the Cashword mini game where they can win at least $1,000. The contestant gets up to three clues to try and get to the word. If they fail to get the word, the Cashword in the next game increases by $1,000 until someone gets it. The part about using up to three clues is part of the $1 million game in this current version of Password. Note that the Cashword money a player wins does not effect the score during the game.

    Believe me, I've seen all those versions of Password, especially on GSN. So that's my synopsis on the comparison of all the Password shows up to date.
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