Million Dollar Password

Sunday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Jun 01, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • Regis Philbin's game show comeback good but needed decent promotion and better ratings

    Hoping to become the Prince Of Game Shows once again Regis Philbin made a stellar comeback with the debut of Million Dollar Password on CBS. Though in my eyes Million Dollar Password seemed like a way for CBS to promote it's own stars on it's shows Million Dollar Password was a fun remake of the original hit and with an entire toy line launched with Target stores in 2008 Million Dollar Password should've gotten better promotion and bigger ratings and should've been a bigger hit. I also cannot understand how the heck CBS chose to make only six episodes of Million Dollar Password for each season and to me CBS should've made more episodes and it would still be a hit. Overall a great show with fun and excitement that should not be missed
  • Though Regis is no Allen Ludden or Tom Kennedy.

    First of all, the show is having a rough time attracting big-name players. And if they attracted big-name players. Then it would have ratings skyrockting. But it is ok though. And that even though Regis, is good at the Millionaire thing. And awesome at it. Really he is no, the late Allen Ludden, or for that matter. Tom Kennedy or the late Bert Convy. Betty White, Ludden's widow, is the best player of them all. As she really knows, what she is doing. Betty is the only player, I would play with anyday, at anytime. No wonder she is the queen of the game shows.
  • A fun show to watch!

    This is a fun show to watch! Two people get chosen to compete and get a Million Dollars, but they have to eliminate each others first. They each get a celebrity partner to help them and play password. The main point of this game is to give your partner a one word clue and they'll have to guess what it is you're trying to describe or what they word is! And vise-versa, you switch up partners!
    The person with the most points will go and play for one MILLION dollars with the partner they worked well with.

    Overall, I love this show. It's entertaining and fun to watch. The host is funny and friendly. I hope it comes back!
  • Rules changed for the worse. Regis can't save it. Sorry it's coming back again.

    Used to watch the original password and it was much more fun. These rules are stupid, get into high money too fast and stacked in players's favor.

    Poor imitation of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Password.

    Regis Philbin is ok as host, but spends his time explaining the rules, not helping the entertainment value. Too much repetition of the rules.

    They need some good celebiety-panelists. Instead, they have new celebriies every week. I hear that Celebrity Match Game will follow Millionaire Password and Celebrity Family Feud into television this year. Can't wait to see ehat a fiasco that will be for us.
  • Fremantle Media destroys another classic!

    In the tradition of such ill-conceived and poorly produced game show revivals such as "Match Game" (1998), the dreadful "Card Sharks" (2001), the still-barely-watchable "Family Feud" (1999-present), the insertion of Drew Carey into "The Price Is Right" (2007-present), the 10% game show/90% infomercial "Temptation" ("Sale Of The Century") (2007-2008)...Fremantle does it again with "Million Dollar Password"!

    MDP features mostly D-list "celebrities" (not unlike "Celebrity Family Feud" (2008)...also produced by Fremantle), contestants who've apparently never even HEARD of "Password", and a format that surely has Allen Ludden doing cartwheels in his grave. Additionally, Tony Hawk and Steve Schirripa should never be invited to be on another game show, but I digress...

    As much as Regis Philbin can irritate me, I like him - always have, but the powers-that-be seem to be imitating "Millionaire" too much with the MDP set/music/ambiance...etc. "Password" should never look like this, never sound like this, and it shouldn't take Regis seven minutes to explain the rules three times per show.

    For an accurate representation of TRUE "Password", check out "Password", "Password Plus" and "Super Password" on GSN (the latter two are currently in regular daily and weekend rotation) - and just hope and pray the Regis version is gone for good.

    In closing, MDP isn't a bad show by itself...however, it's just NOT "Password" and shouldn't be referred to as such. "Password" has been around since the day after the ark was built, and this just isn't it. Knowing Fremantle's history though, I guess I should be glad it's not "Extreme Password" with an audience survey, a star wheel, Whammies, and a lovely $30 toaster oven (call now and get it for just $4!)...

    Fremantle is pathetic, and the Goodson family (Mark Goodson-Bill Todman) should be ashamed for selling their souls to these people.
  • OK! this is great.

    when I first heard of tis, I thought Oh NO, another stupid game show. Well, I was wrong, I love this show. Regis Philbin is an amazing host and the celebrities do a perfect job at seeming normal. Although the rules are simple, it is amazingly entertaining. I could watch this all day. This is a great remake and this show has a great set and lively audience, I can't wait until next episode! When I watch it I feel like I'm actually there. I'm sure this game show will do amazing, but, lately, it has been underappreciated. Perfect show. Amazing.
  • Million Dollar Password comes on at 8:00pm. Its really fun to watch.

    The new game show Million Dollar Password is great fun. The original Password game was fun but the Million Dollar Password is even better. The show is unintentionally funny. Especially the things people will do when they don't have a clue what to say. I think what makes this show even more fun then the original game show Password is the celebrities. Knowing that there just like regular people even when it comes down to trying to guess the correct password. If you don't watch Million Dollar Password you should start, because you don't know what your missing. It puts your mind to work.
  • Million Dollar Password is on Sundays at 8:00pm and Allies Day during the week, if there is something else mark into the spot on Sundays besides Million Dollar Password?

    I really like the way how Celebitys & Players tell off clues passwords together each other and how Million Dollar Password Swiths Celebitys after 1 round into the next round to share players given out clues passwords not just being with the same players all the way thru the program at all.

    This Million Dollar Password reminds of "Who Wants To Be A Millionare" in some kind of way. And Also reminds of a new game show happen release back in December known as "Duel' on Friday Nights now at 9:00pm under ABC Network Channel.

    Well, Regis Philbin, You did it again making another great Game Show just like your past work Game Show of "Who Wants To Be A Millionare" indeed. So, Keep up the good work! I hope this one keeps going not just only being a Summer Hit Game Show. Having "Million Dollar Password" enter into a fall time slot as well.
  • good game show...

    I'm so excited that password is back! I used to watch this show all of the time and I really like the new version. Regis is the host and he's ok. I'm not a big fan of Regis, but he's a good host so I have no complaints. I've actually heard of the celebrities on this show so that makes it even better. This show has the same basic idea as the other shows. I always wonder how the contestants can think of words that fast! It's amazing! Anyways, the show is a great game show and it's fast-paced and interesting. There's no "we'll find out, after the break" in this show. Just strait game. Overall, great game show and I hope it sticks around.