Millionaire Matchmaker - Season 2

Bravo (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • Brett / David
    Episode 1
    Patti and her team help CEO Brett Jacobsen and David find the chance at love. Also, Patti gets a surprise visit from an old customer.
  • Bill & Heidi
    Episode 2
    Matchmaker Patti Stanger hires Destin's girlfriend Rache, as an assistant to answer phones and coordinate the countless club submissions they receive daily. Now that she has the two longtime lovebirds right under her nose, Patti does everything she can to encourage Destin to pop the question. Patti gets an unexpected surprise when Chelsea tells her about a new client, who happens to be a lady millionaire. Heidi is drop-dead gorgeous and the CEO of a high end fashion label called Young, Fabulous and Broke, available in such stores as Neiman Marcus, Planet Blue and Fred Segal. Patti's other client this week is tall, dark and handsome Bill, a 45-year-old Canadian hotel executive who has flown into Los Angeles from Canada just to meet with Patti. Although he's charming, Bill wants children and has no interest in dating a woman even close to his own age.moreless
  • Andrew/Laurence
    Episode 3
    Patti is not pleased with Rachel after a disastrous recruiting for new women. Two bachelors with different styles search for love.
  • Harold/Jeff
    Episode 4
    Patti works with a divorced dad and a Grammy Award winning musician who are both looking for commitment.
  • Daniel & Chris
    Episode 5
    Patti turns her attention towards two new millionaire clients -- Daniel, a celebrity artist whose works are sold in the range of $15 to $20k a piece, and Chris, a mellow surfer who grew up in Hawaii and doesn't care about money or status just as long as a good wave is about to break. On opposite sides of the spectrum, Daniel grew up in Beverly Hills and has been immersed in LA's celebrity culture his whole life; whereas Chris is the author of a line of children's books called the Goodness Gracious Club, and although he's about to turn 40, has only dated women in their early 20's. After meeting both millionaires, Patti feels that Chris would benefit from dating a women closer to his own age and Daniel needs to stop with the incessant name-dropping and date a girl who isn't impressed by who's walking down the red carpet in front of them.moreless
  • Shauna/Dave
    Episode 6
    A female client clashes with Patti in her search for a younger man and she presents her new book.
  • Matt/Jimmy D.
    Episode 7
    A club owner who cares more about himself than listening to Patti clashes with her over what type of woman he wants and a former NFL player looks for love.
  • Paul & Alex
    Episode 8
    Patti shoots the cover of her new book, "How to Be Your Own Matchmaker," before she heads to the office to see this week's millionaires: Alex, a 39-year-old real estate developer from Las Vegas and Paul, a 23-year-old NBA player for the Los Angeles Clippers. Patti is typically outspoken about Alex's outward appearance, telling him he needs a makeover and that he doesn't know how to cultivate love, since he has been treating it like a business for so long. When Patti meets Paul, she encounters a player on and off the court. She tells him that NBA players don't have the best track records with women and wants him to make sure to respect her girls.moreless
  • 4/16/09
    Used to taking care of everyone around her, Patti decides to visit a psychic to see what she needs in her own life. Patti has dated her boyfriend for five years, and is seeking advice for her own situation. Back at the office she meets her two millionaire clients. Michael, a 32-year-old single dad of two, is the CEO of a company that founded a Pay Pal system for South America and Europe. Dr. Robert is a 33-year-old facial cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills who has a habit of finding flaws in women and changing them.moreless
  • Zagros & Uri
    Episode 10
    This week Patti meets Uri, a young Israeli-born real estate developer and professional salsa dancer, and Zagros, a Kurdish Iranian entrepreneur. Zagros tells Patti that his family is very important to him and he wants their opinion when it comes to choosing a woman. At a two-way mirror screening session, Zagros surprises everyone when he brings half a dozen family members, including his mother, to help make a decision.moreless
  • Farrah & Kevin
    Episode 11
    Farrah, former member of Destiny's Child, has been hurt in the past by previous relationships causing her to be very guarded with men and in her dating life. Kevin, a celebrity photographer, has only had a string of two-week relationships and is always looking for the next best thing since he only dates models. Patti is up for a challenge with these two millionaires.moreless
  • Kevin & Anthony
    Episode 12
    Patti hits the town with her girlfriends who are visiting from Miami, and the girls dish out many good stories on Patti. Back at the office, The Millionaires Club takes on Kevin, a PR/branding guru and Patti's first gay millionaire. As the founder and owner of his own boutique PR firm, Kevin's life is consumed by work. Patti's challenge is to get Kevin to find time for dating and love. Patti's other millionaire this week is a showy Vegas entertainer named Anthony, who has a show at the Paris hotel in which he hypnotizes audience members to do adult-themed antics. Patti is concerned that the sexual nature of Anthony's work will be a deterrent to women and asks him to downplay his show, but Anthony feels that whomever he goes on a date with needs to understand and appreciate what he does.moreless