Mina and the Count

Nickelodeon (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • The one where Count saved Mina (2)
      Count finds out that Mina has become a vampire, but he can change her back. He has 24 hours to free her of the curse.Finally, The curse is lifted and Mina and Count are closer than ever.
    • The one where Mina was Caught(1)
      Igor catches Mina, and has a vampire bite her.
    • Due or Die/Count's OTHER best friend
      -A-Count needs blood, so he trys to get it when Mina's sleeping. Mina catches him Again and Count becomes her servant to playing games. -B-Count has another Best Friend, a were-wolf from out of town, and a jelouse Mina trys to get rid of him, until Count explains that someone can have more than two friends. At the end of the episode, you hear Igor laughing, but you only see a shadow.moreless
    • Mina's mom/The Vampire that owned a store
      -A-Mina's mom gets suspitious of the Count, and starts following him around. When she sees him bite an innocent girl, she forbids Mina from hanging with him. When Mina hypnatizes her mom to forget, they hang out again. -B-Count rents a store at night to get customers to bite...w/o Mina knowing. When she find sout, the only way to get her to forgive him is a long long game of Peek-a-Boo.moreless
    • Back Again/Allies
      Back Again/Allies
      Episode 10
      -A-Igor returns again in a new attempt to capture Mina. He trys to unleash a gang called "The-Spiders" on The town. -B-The little girls from the sleep-over vow to be allies to Count if he needs them. He keeps denying, but when they save him he agrees. By this time, they say they already paid there deubt to him.moreless
    • Dracula Visits/Mina's Sleep-over
      -A-Dracula, the Count's old friend comes to town to visit him, so Count hides Mina Again, and Mina, tired of being hidden comes out and says she loves Count like a Best Best friend. Dracula finds it touching, and wonders why Count would hide something as little as that. -B-Mina has a sleepover with 4 of her friends, and Count is expected to let them sleep-over in his castle as a token of forgiveness for the Dracula mishap. The girls wreck his castle, but he keepsa smaile on his face...but it went away quick. Episode ends with Igor saying he's coming back.moreless
    • Summers End/Counts poker game
      -A-Mina wants to go the beach for the last day of the summer, but Count is a vampire who can't go in the sun. The rest of the episode is Mina trying to find a way to get Count to the beach. -B-Count keeps trying to get rid of Mina so he can play a game of poker with his friends. Eventually he bets her, and loses her! He wins her back when he bets himself in a game...double or nothing!moreless
    • Bats/The Vampire that went to school
      -A-Bats attack everyone in the town, and it's up to Count to stop them. -B-Count agrees to go to school with Mina, but he only causes trouble. Mina then apolagizes to the teacher, and Count makes it up to her by playing with all f her friends.
    • One Year Ago From Today/Wolf-Gang
      -A-Mina and The Count celebrate their one year anniversary of knowing each other, when the celebration is broken up by a beautiful friend of Mina's mom, and the count consistently trys to bite her until Mina convinces him that he is good and he no longer does that.
      -B-A Bunch of wolfs give Count a tough time about Mina. Mina eventually scares them off, and she's accepted.moreless
    • Igor Returns/Revenge
      -A-Igor retuns for revenge on the count for booting him out by trying to capture Mina. When all of his attempts fail, he vows to get revenge soon. -B-Igor pays other vampires to capture Mina. When Count gets her back, he tells Igor he's sorry. Igor says that he will never accept an apollagy, and he will do something to Mina one day.moreless
    • The New Igor/More Than Friends
      -A-When Mina comes over for a play-date, The Count must get rid of Igor, his Hunchback servant who is very suspicious that The Count might be spending too much time with the human child. -B-When Mina's rival comes over, her and The Count pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend.
    • Ghoul's Tribunal/The Vampire That Came To Dinner
      -a-When The Count's monster friends come over to play cards, they discover that he's keeping company with a human child--Mina--and have no choice but to take The Count before the "Ghoul's Tribunal." Luckily, The Count's sidekick, Igor, hatches a scheme to clear his name. -b-Mina invites The Count to her house for dinner, but little does she know that her teenage sister has a crush on her fanged friend. Mina and her sister spend the evening competing for The Count's attention.moreless
    • Playing A Hunch/My Best Friend
      -A-When Mina comes over for a play-date, The Count must get rid of Igor, his Hunchback servant who is very suspicious that The Count might be spending too much time with the human child. -B-After Mina has a run-in with a bully at school, The Count gives her a few tried and proven scare tactics to ward him off. When they don't work as well for Mina, the Count takes matters in his own hands.moreless
    • Frankenfrog/Count Meets Other Count
      -A-When Mina sees The Count pretend to fix her doll by performing the Frankenstein re-animation procedure, she mimics this in her science class and brings a frog back to life. The frog terrorizes the school, causing a media frenzy until Igor and The Count see a report about it on TV and come to the rescue--along with Frankenstein, who shares a kindred spirit with the frog, and this saves the day. -B-moreless