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  • Season 4
    • What We Say Here, Stays Here
      The cherry blossoms are in bloom, which means it's time for a flower-viewing party. Kana's got the right spirit, but she's the only one. She tries everything to pique her friends' attention, but will any of her plans work out the way she wants?
    • Supposedly New Year's Day Sets the Pace for the Year
      It's the end of the year, which means lots of goofing off and eating delicious sweets. Uchida enjoys her holiday snacks a little too much and now she's got the stomach to show for it. Can Kana and Chiaki help her flatten it back out?
    • God Descends On This Holy Night
      Christmas is coming and Hosaka's infatuation with Haruka is growing ever stronger. Hayami fears that if Hosaka greets Christmas in his current state, at least in his eyes, Haruka will transcend into godhood. Can she give him a reality check?
    • We've Begun Our Eco-Friendly Lives
      With the coming of winter, the Minami residence has brought out its kotatsu once more! Unfortunately, the girls leave the electric table on for so long that it creates a huge electric bill! Now they have to cut corners any way they can to save money.
    • Now, the Love Begins
      Takeru couldn't bring himself to give his girlfriend a ticket to a popular romance movie, so he gives both of his tickets to Haruka. Haruka then gives the tickets to Natsuki. This creates a series of romantic misunderstandings fit for a date flick.
    • Eat Veggies With Your Merry Friends On Your Day Off
      Kana and Haruka are trying to help Chiaki overcome her dislike of vegetables. When they hold a BBQ party, Haruka has Natsuki grill the vegetables first. Later, Kana has Chiaki watch a magical show that helps children develop a taste for vegetables.
    • The Lingering Summer Heat Comes to Pay a Visit
      Summer is coming to an end, but the heat seems to be lingering around. During a slumber party at the Minami residence, the girls try to beat the heat by telling scary stories. Can anyone think up a spine-chilling tale?
    • A Tan and Maiden Heart That Can't Be Fully Concealed
      Kana invites Makoto to tag along when the girls hit the beach. The only catch is that Makoto has to go as his girl counterpart, Mako! Can he keep his true identity a secret all day long while in a girl's bikini?
    • I'm Starting On the Chilled Chinese Noodles
      Kana declares that she's going out to eat some chilled Chinese noodles after school. Fujioka is willing to do whatever it takes to make her invite him, but will she pick up on his less than subtle hints?
    • Men Sweat Under the Blue Summer Skies
      Hosaka has a crush on Haruka, so he'd do anything to win her over. When he hears that Haruka likes things "golden brown," he goes on a quest to make the ultimate "golden" eggs AND get the perfect golden tan.
    • In Short, It's a Roundabout Confession of One's Love
      One day when Toma is visiting the Minami residence, she tells Haruka that Natsuki likes to take long baths. Haruka mentions this to Natsuki when she sees him at school, only to embarrass him. This sets off a series of misunderstandings.
    • Let's Be Ourselves
      Makoto desperately wants to drop his alter ego as the cute Mako, but if he does, he won't be able to hang out at the Minami residence any more. The conflict has him left feeling torn. Meanwhile, Toma wants to know what it means to be feminine.
    • Spring Has Come Along With the Minami Family
      Spring has come, which means it's time to put the kotatsu up. But before the Minami sisters do, there are still plenty of misadventures to be had. From failed study groups to eating tangerines, the table is an important part of their daily lives.
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