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What do you think about Derren Brown and this show?

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    I've seen parts of a couple episodes and I have to say that it's more entertaining than I thought it would be. Derren is clearly talented at what he does. He has a keen understanding of human psychology and trickery.

    He admits that he is primarily an entertainer. He also makes it clear that he doesn't claim to be a psychic, unlike other TV personalities like John Edward.
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    It's great because the stuff that he reveals makes you think back and just go "Wow, that's amazing." And the stuff he doesn't reveal makes you think "How the hell did he do that?"

    The one where the teacher was reading the story, and thought about a teddy bear in her head.. And then he shows how all the letters going down each of the sides, the center, and the diagonals of the page all spelled out "Teddy bear." Or the thing with Simon Pegg where he convinced him he wanted a BMX Bike by putting emphasis on different words, and choosing specific words/phrases.

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    I'm actually a really big fan of his work... and am reading the book he wrote called "tricks of the mind" it's extremely interesting and really shows you more about who he is and why he does what he does (not only for the entertainment and fun- but also to expose people who claim to have these amazing "powers" and really are just bilking people for their money or faith)

    He goes into a lot of the background of how and why his tricks work... it's just mind blowing. I really love it when you see his joy in what he's done... the look of glee when he sets off to use blank paper as money... but like Penn and Teller- no matter how many secret's he tells... there are tons more that he's not telling... i'd love to see his live show.

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    i enjoy watching this show and find it rather amzing what this guy can do .........
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    I love most all of what he does! Derren brown is simply one of the most
    intelligent, original and funny entertainers out there today. Going
    well past "magic" and into psychological realms such as mind reading,
    hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Lingistic Programming), Stunts (Such as the Derren
    Brown Russian Roulette clip) and more - Derren Brwon is simply the
    best! I found this page on digg, they have a video of Derren paying for
    a $4500 bracelet with blank pieces of paper! Also, it lists programs to
    use mind control like him. Any of you guys used any of these programs?
    Please respond if you have, thanks!


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