Mind Control with Derren Brown

Season 1 Episode 4

Receptive Children

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Derren asks a girl on the street to use her cellphone to call someone she knows. Putting them on speaker he talks to them and predicts a word they are supposed to write down.

Derren goes to a Diner to have some fun with a waitress in a mind reading game. He uses five cards with different words written on them to predict the waitress' thoughts. Finally, he reveals how he did it.

Derren goes to a kindergarten to see how much the kids' subconsciousnesses could pick up from a story read to them. He lets their teacher read out a story over and over again, while the kids create a painting with their hands. The painting turns out to be a teddybear, the same thing the teacher thought about while reading the story. Derren explains how he hid the unconscious message in the story.

At a boxing training facility, Derren uses suggestion to render the boxers unable to lift a girl they just lifted easily.

Derren lets a woman write a sentence onto a card and then uses his fingers to read the sentence. Then he writes down a number and lets her see it with her fingers.

Another boxer is confronted with his lifting disability.

Derren has a group of candidates, of which he picks one person and predicts their movement. Later he teaches the group how to do it and they perform successfully.

Derren uses his "finger reading" to reveal the content of a person's pockets.

Derren plants a thought into the subconsciousness of Simon Pegg, that all he ever wanted as a present was a BMX bike. Later, Derren reveals how he did it.
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