Mind Control with Derren Brown

Season 1 Episode 1

Shopping Mall

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 26, 2007 on Syfy



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    • Derren: Fingers - we all have them and we shouldn't be embarrassed about them.

    • Derren: This program uses suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship. I achieve all the results you'll see through a varied mixture of those techniques. And at no point are actors or stooges used in the show.

    • Derren: As I am a relative newcomer to the United States, I wondered if I could exploit my anonymity here by going shopping with a wallet full of blank paper.

    • Derren: People are always saying: "Can you use your skills to get extraordinarily beautiful women to fall for you?" - Well... yes. Yes, I can.

    • Derren: American shopping malls - modern cathedrals to spending money. They're designed to disorient us and make us stay longer than we need to. Every brick is there to manipulate us to buy. It's the perfect place to find a large number of compliant people to affect.

    • Derren: What you are about to see might make you think I have psychic powers, but I don't. I use psychological techniques to get strangers to hand over their valuables to me, I use my powers of persuasion to try and pick up some rather pretty ladies, I make hundreds of people in a shopping mall behave in an unusual manner, and I go shopping with a wallet full of blank paper.

    • Derren: I'm Derren Brown and this is "Mind Control", where I use a variety of persuasive techniques to influence and manipulate people's minds. There are no actors or stooges used in this show.

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