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This isn't exactly what I'd call a fair swap: ABC has scheduled the upcoming third season of Celebrity Wife Swap for Tuesdays at 10pm—the time slot that currently belongs to Mind Games. In the meantime, the network has pulled the Kyle Killen drama from its schedule after five low-rated episodes, effective immediately, and will air Resurrection repeats for the next two weeks before Celebrity Wife Swap debuts on April 15. 

Poor Kyle Killen; this is three canceled series in a row for him. But hey, at least Mind Games lasted longer than his first show, Lone Star, which was pulled after two episodes despite earning plenty of critical acclaim. (Killen's second show, the also critically acclaimed Awake on NBC, was canceled after 11 episodes but got to finish out its 13-episode season.) I like Mind Games enough to be disappointed in this decision, but I like all of Killen's shows. Keep trying this TV thing, Kyle, you're one of the good ones! But maybe do a cable series next. 

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AIRED ON 4/8/2014

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