Mind Games

Season 1 Episode 3

Pet Rock

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2014 on ABC

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  • Bye Bye

    And here is where I leave this show.
  • I kinda wish for footnotes citing specific studies

    Would've like to see more exploration of 'thought reform' and coercive persuasion - less personal drama. Glad the ex-wife left, I still hadn't warmed to her charcter. They also need to work on defining the other male characters to give them more personality. They don't seem to be contributing as much theory or plans as the two main leads or the other two females.

    I liked how they pointed out the tricks used by cults (alienate you from friends/ family; break down your identity and ego; convince you they are your new family; the touching/personal space invasion; shedding of your personal belongings), using suggestive states and subliminal message. I don't think they mentioned repetition which is also key. There's a lot of research on this subject so it was nice to see it referenced.

    I know it's just a tv show, but it also seemed little bit silly that after the cult leader having spent weeks/months(?) breaking down this girls ego/self-esteem, slowly alienating her from her family, changing her very identity and name -- that Clarks 2 minute attempt to restore her self-worth and ability to think for herself would take so quickly. Unprogramming her would have taken much longer in reality.

    Overall though, I liked this episode a lot, and it inspired me to pick up Robert Lifton's seminal work on Though Reform & the Psychology of Totalism... you know for some "light" re-reading before bed...