Mind of Mencia

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode #101

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jul 06, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • A Great way to start a series.

    A Great way to start a series, that will infact outlive the chappelle show, in longevity. Carlos has a great comedic presence, and insatiable timing, which will leave you belly laughing off your couch. This epsiode in question, establishes that Carlos is not afraid to implement the race card, because he can pull it off. While offending you, and the same time, you realize alot of this is true, and sometimes, you need to be a straight shooter like Carlos, to get your point across. Overall the episode really flowed well, and the skit with Peter Boyle was hilarious. To see Mr. Boyle in a different light, rather than as Raymond's father on ELR. I rate this episode a 9.6 overall. It could of been better, but was a spectacular way to start this fine edition to Comedy Central's line up.
  • In this the pilot episode we are introduced to Carlos and his Mind. Sit down and hold on to your pants…this is funny.

    Mind of Mencia is not for everyone, but this viewer is loving it. Carlos gives us his opinion of September 11, and why he thinks America is one big game of tag. Carlos says what a lot of people think but they do not say.

    Carlos gives us just a little family history telling us he is child 17 of 18. Then like any good comedian he will makes jokes about his family.

    Peter Boyle stops by to make a guest apperance, and reads and letter from a fan. Carlos laughs though the whole thing.

    Maybe this show should come with a warning label…well here it is. Grab a soda and a bowl of popcorn and be prepared to laugh. You may like it and then again you may not. Carlos Mencia is sure to be a comedian that is around for a while.

    Looking forward to next week’s laughs!
  • Carlos is very funny.

    This show is so funny. Carlos pokes fun at every race and culture. My only complaint about the episode was Peter Boyle, he's not really funny at all, it was a boring part of the episode. Carlos discussed commercials in Iraq, extremely hilarious. 3 minute news, very funny, and Why the F*** is this News, very funny segment, I was laughing histerically. This is one of the best sjows on Comedy Central right now. In my opinion,
    right after South Park. I've been watching every week since this episode aired. Carlos has a very cruel and funny comedic style. Very funny episode!
  • Carlos does sketches as well as tells jokes and stories.

    Carlos Mencia is very funny. He makes fun of EVERYONE, not just one certain group of people. Some would say he's being cruel, but its all just fun. And about 90% of what he says is actually true so you can relate to him. Everyone can. It's a really good show so if you've never seen it, watch it. It's very funny and I enjoy it very much. The first episode is one of my fav episode. So if you get the chance to watch this show at all, watch it! I promise it's worth the time, and it's only a 30 minute program. It'll go by so fast that you'll wish another episode was on after it. It's definitely worth it, watch it!
  • The first episode in this sure to be funny. He discusses commecials in iraq, the news in 3 minutes, and why the f@%# is this news. guest starring peter boyle (rays dad on everybody loves raymond)

    This is the funniest show ever! Carlos Mencia is so cruel and funny he should be the president. My favorite part was the news in 3 minutes. I can't wait to laugh my butt off while watching the next episode. this is the best show on comedy central right now! I think that this show will become nuber 1 in the ratings soon. with stuff like "why are the americans making fun of me" " because achmed its your turn" he is sure to have a very good rating. I hope you enjoyed this review more to come soon! Later