Mind of Mencia

Season 1 Episode 11

Episode #111

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Sep 14, 2005 on Comedy Central



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    • Carlos: New Orleans is basically a bowl, surrounded by soup!

    • White man: In Jaws how many black people got killed? None, because -
      White woman: Because they're missing a bone in their ankle they can't swim or play hockey.

    • Carlos: When a black person has no electricity, no water, they call it the ghetto. When white people have no electricity and no water, they call it camping.

    • Carlos: Mexico sent 39 trucks filled with Mexican soldiers to help out the cause. Now, first of all, you k they said it was 39 trucks and 180 soldiers. I'm a beaner, I'm telling you white people - that's a bull**** number right off the back! There's at least a thousand beaners right now!

    • Carlos: It's got so bad, Mexico sent us help!

    • Carlos: What's the best thing about being white?
      White Man: Not being black.

    • Carlos: When you go outside, and then see fire on top of water, you should GET OUT!

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    • The Hurricane Carlos is referring to is the 2005 storm, Hurricane Katrina. This is labelled by the media as "the worst storm in America's history". It took place shortly before this episode was taped.